NASHVILLE - Vince Young apologized to the Tennessee Titans, his teammates, his family, and fans Monday for his role in a weekend fight at a Dallas strip club.

"Just made a mistake. Made a mistake even being there and let that guy provoke me into doing what I did," Young told reporters. "Fell into his hands, what he wanted me to do so he could do what he's doing now. At the same time, let my lawyers take care of it."

The incident happened after an autograph session in Dallas. Young said he decided to go out on the town with a friend, and they ended up at Club Onyx.

Surveillance video released by Dallas police shows the quarterback and several people talking in a small room, then Young attacking a man. Young left before police arrived, but he spoke with officers around 2:30 p.m. Sunday. He received a misdemeanor assault citation.

Young said the person who provoked him made a downward "Longhorns" sign that was disrespectful. He said more went on, but he wouldn't go into any details.

Gulf tour. Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress; John Fox of the Carolina Panthers; Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Eagles' Andy Reid will visit troops in the Persian Gulf this summer with the USO.