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Gonzo: Vick, Werth and beard leftovers

Excerpts from Monday's Ask Gonzo chat on with columnist John Gonzalez: Comment From Vicks PO: [Will] Michael [Vick] fare well against the Cowboys [on Sunday]?

Excerpts from Monday's Ask Gonzo chat on with columnist John Gonzalez:

Comment From Vicks PO: [Will] Michael [Vick] fare well against the Cowboys [on Sunday]?

Gonzo: He fares well against pretty much everyone, doesn't he? Joe Theismann said he doesn't think Vick is the MVP. He likes Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers a little bit better for the award. Manning and Rivers both lost on Sunday. Theismann might want to reconsider his position.

Comment From Chris: Saw Rasheed Wallace on South Street Saturday night. . . . Well, Sunday morning at 2:30 across the street from Jim's. . . . Were you partying with him?

Gonzo: Sadly, no. He didn't invite me. Pity. That's not far from my 'hood. I like Jim's. SOS has cheese fries, though. That usually wins me over when it's time to make a decision between the two.

Comment From Brett: So, will the other GMs in MLB be more angry at the Nationals for: (a) making [Scott] Boras look like a genius for getting [Jayson] Werth 7 years, $126 million, or (b) making every other free agent's salary go up 20 (percent)?

Gonzo: It'll be interesting to see whether Werth's deal causes a ripple in the free agent pond. Some guys will ask for more money, but that doesn't mean they'll get it. Boras usually finds one team to fleece while everyone else watches and shakes their heads, while protecting their wallets.

Comment From Lance: What's the fascination with Jeff Francoeur? The guy couldn't hack it in a Mets uniform and they're interested in bringing him in?

Gonzo: Lots of people are opinionated about Francoeur. He hasn't played well recently, but don't forget that Werth was a castoff and so was Shane Victorino. I'm not saying that Francoeur will have the same sort of turnaround that those two did. I'm just pointing out that sometimes guys go to other places and play better after getting a change of scenery. Just don't expect Francoeur to be more than a platoon guy.

Comment From OneManWolfpack: I'd like to talk Sixers . . . HAHA . . . no, just kidding . . . I'm glad they didn't pay Werth that ridiculous money, but I think the Phils are in trouble here.

Gonzo: Two separate issues. Losing Werth's production, righthanded bat, and ability to protect [Ryan] Howard has to hurt the Phils. No doubt about it.

But if keeping him meant giving him seven years and $126 million, then the Phils were right to watch him head down to D.C.

Comment From SJ Native: Is it sad that the high point of the Sixers season so far for any fan had to be Jodie Meeks going off in the first quarter of the Bobcats game? That was the most excited I had been all year. Kid's got game.

Gonzo: I'm not sure I agree with the "kid's got game" part, but the Sixers are surely excited that you pay such close attention.

Last year, I went to a charity event and bid on Sixers tickets in a silent auction. I won because I was the only bidder. This year, I went to the same event, did the same thing, and won again. Next year, I'm bidding on the tin of TastyKakes.

Comment From Mike: Do you have Scott Boras' phone number? I've been in line for a raise for a year or so and I think he could get it done.

Gonzo: I actually do have Scott Boras' number. I called him a few years back when I was working on a story for Boston Magazine. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Scott, hello, my name is Joh - "

Him: "How the %$#@ did you get this $@#@$ %#$@#$@%@%@%@$$!%!%^#$$@%@^#%."

I think he's still cursing into his phone to this day.

Comment From Andrew: Gonzo, why hate the Dukies? Coach K teaches hard work and dedication. The team competes for the entire game and his program is squeaky clean!

Gonzo: Who wants squeaky clean? I grew up as a UNLV and Tark the Shark fan.

Give me a little dirt with my hoops.

Comment From Suzy Kolber: Comb the Sweet Tarts out of your beard . . .

Gonzo: I ate a piece of chocolate chip cookie out of my beard the other morning. I found it there about an hour after consuming the rest of the cookie. True story.

Comment From Santa: I'm sorry, Gonzo, but it's going to be coal again this year.

Gonzo: Figures.