Thumbs Up

To Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs, who went into a South Philadelphia Toys "R" Us last week and quietly picked up the tab for a couple of Christmas shoppers. After suffering his second neck injury in as many seasons last month, Hobbs' career may be over. But rather than sitting around feeling sorry for himself, he decided to spread some cheer to others. Even the fact that one suspicious woman told him to "get the hell out of here" didn't dissuade him. Good for you, Ellis.

Thumbs Down

To Robert Larsen, a Seahawks season-ticketholder who is suing Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis for throwing a chunk of snow at him following a game in Seattle 2 years ago. Seriously. Video (you can find it on YouTube) shows Seahawks fans pelting Ellis and his teammates with snowballs as they were exiting the field. Ellis picked up a large chunk of snow and heaved it in Larsen's direction. End of story. Well, not exactly. Larsen is seeking damages for "physical injury, humiliation, mental distress, pain and wage loss." Again, seriously. Times like these make me proud my daughter became a lawyer.

- Paul Domowitch