Could Plaxico Burress be the next high-profile NFL star to go from prison to the Eagles?

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs thinks it could happen, and he is Burress' best friend on the receiver's former team.

"Plax is a Virginia guy, Vick is a Virginia guy," Jacobs told Newsday, referring to quarterback Michael Vick, who returned to NFL stardom with the Eagles after paying his debt to society for his involvement in dogfighting.

"They just sort of went through the same things. They have a lot of dynamic players down there and it wouldn't be a bad thing to go down there, he thinks, because he wants to win. He wants to go down there and he wants to help them win the Super Bowl right away . . .

"I would hate to see him go to where I think he's going to go from talking to him. It's pretty tough to deal with all those different combinations that they can present."

Burress will be released from prison on Monday after missing two seasons, serving 21 months for accidentally shooting himself in the leg in a New York nightclub.

"He's got options and it's good that he could weigh out his options," Jacobs said. "I would love for him to be a part of the Giants, but I don't think that's even on his plate.

"I'm so sure because I talk to him once a week. Plax, he doesn't think anything is wrong with the organization. He just wants a new start."

Of course, the Eagles have made no public indication of interest in Burress, who will be 34 this season and hasn't played since 2008.

If Burress were to come here, he likely would have to accept the role of a fourth receiver, behind Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant. Generally, a fourth wideout tends to play on special teams, as rookie Riley Cooper did in that spot last season.

But with Kevin Kolb apparently headed for a trade, more and more, the Eagles are Vick's team going forward. If Vick wants to take on helping Burress transition back to the NFL, there's a good chance that will happen.