LAST WEEK, I thought the Eagles might rally around their coach and beat a bad-to-mediocre Seattle team, despite the travel, the short week, and the foibles of Vince Young.

Silly me.

The Dolphins have done an amazing job digging out of that 0-7 hole. You don't have to be able to see a way to the playoffs in order to play hard and do your job, apparently. Perhaps Tony Sparano should be the next Eagles coach.

There was a time when you'd see the Eagles' defense matched against a Tarvaris Jackson or a Matt Moore and almost feel sorry for the opposition. But Jim Johnson has been gone a while now, and so have the players who delighted in turning journeyman QBs into roadkill.

If the Birds weren't getting Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin back this week, I'd give them no chance against a Miami defense that has been rock-solid lately.

As it is, I expect Vick to be recharged and refocused, but I also expect the Eagles to find a way to lose, because, well, that is what they do.

Prediction Dolphins 21, Eagles 20 - Les Bowen