Join the conversation after every Eagles game with the Daily News. Send reactions by email to; use the hashtag #eaglesaftermath on Twitter, or visit the Eagletarian Facebook page and leave a comment on our wall. A sampling after yesterday's win over the Jets:

If they end up somehow sneaking into the playoffs, it will only be proof that this has been one of the craziest NFL seasons ever. It's a huge, improbable "if," but from there they will get to host a game (vs Atlanta?) and then who knows?? Its just crazy enough that it might work! lol


Never a doubt, 9 and 0 lifetime against the other N.Y. football team. Hats off to Shady for breaking No. 15's touchdown record from 66 years ago. Also, Babin, Celek, and Vick all played well. Now, LET'S GO JETS!

- John Braithwaite, Jr.


On the day that LeSean McCoy broke Steve Van Buren's record for the most rushing TD's in a single season (20) the offense and defense played their best game of the season from start to finish, No hiccups!! . . . Kudos to Vick, McCoy (of course), Celek and Babin!

- Stonehead

So here's another coaching issue to ponder . . . Why is this team performing like it is now? Why did the defense awaken from its seasonlong slumber? Christmas miracles will still have to occur to propel this team into the playoffs, but another miracle will be needed to manage this team in the future . . . and to save some coaching jobs.

- Mike Breggar,

Cherry Hill, N.J.

Extend Reid's contract now, or if they win the tough NFC East.

- primo

This win just means prolonged misery for the long suffering fans. This win just helps Reid continue his charade into next year. It would have been better to lose out, get Reid out, and begin building something real. Must also say that Jets QB really did not want to play today.

- Kioto

What if the Eagles somehow made the playoffs and then won 4 straight and took home a Super Bowl title. I can't think of a less probable scenario. But play along and say it actually happened. Would Andy Reid deserve to come back then, or would you all still fire him?

- Muckrakers