HIS EAGLES' ties aside, Buddy Ryan cannot be happy with this:

Andy Reid 79, Rex and Robby 26.

Buddy's twin sons, reared to revere defense the way Buddy coached it in Philadelphia, are getting whipped by Big Red this season.

You get the idea Rex Ryan knew this was coming. Because, last week, Rex Ryan was the anti-Rob.

Rob Ryan, the Cowboys defensive coordinator, famously scorned the Eagles' offseason stockpile of talent, calling the Birds the "all-hype" team, vowing to "beat their ass" when they met Oct. 30.

Reid's offense then scored all 34 points in a 34-7 win.

By comparison, Rex, the Jets head coach and the architect of the defense, fawned over Reid. Rex cast his relationship with Reid as friendly; his respect for Reid, immense.

It got bigger yesterday.

Reid's offense dropped 38 on Rex' Jets in a 45-19 win that kept the Eagles in the playoff race at 6-8.

For once, Reid played with a full deck.

Michael Vick made his second start after missing 3 weeks with broken ribs. Both starting receivers, Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson, were whole and dangerous.

The Jets, meanwhile, played without linchpin safety Jim Leonhard, who was lost for the season last week to a knee injury.

Afterward, Ryan gushed again over Reid's track record . . . and his attractiveness.

"He's been a perennial winner. I hope I can have that kind of success," said Ryan, who has been to the AFC title game his first two seasons as a head coach. "Did he show me something? He looked good, I guess."

Reid hopes to look as good Saturday, when he faces Rob again, this time in Dallas.

Don't, um, sit where you eat.

Certainly, considering their own playoff aspirations, the Eagles will be rooting for the Jets to beat the Giants on Saturday, but the Jets will be playing for more than a ninth win. They will be searching for bragging rights over the congested swamplands both teams call home.

Familiarity breeds contempt, but let's hope that's all it breeds.

"You want to own your town, you've got to win that game . . . You go to the same restaurants," Rex Ryan said. "Guys date the same girls."

Huh? You'd think in such a populous metropolitan area, there would be enough to go around.