BETHLEHEM, Pa. - When President Obama told Nnamdi Asomugha to "tell [Michael] Vick to slide" at an event Monday, the message got back to the Eagles quarterback.

At first, Vick was "stunned" - in a good way - that Obama thought of him.

After further consideration, Vick thought: "Man, he's got a point."

Finally, Vick came to a resolution: He'll listen to the president.

"The first run of the year, I'm sliding, and you'll know it's for him," Vick told reporters after Thursday's practice.

Vick viewed Obama's interest in him as an indication that he's being recognized. He has never met Obama, but he hopes to one day. And in case Asomugha sees Obama soon, Vick has a message to relay to the president.

"We're going to try to convert him over to an Eagles fan," Vick said, "see if we can make him an Eagles fan by the end of the season."

Quote of the day

The Eagles drafted Brandon Boykin in the fourth round in April and speculation almost immediately started that Boykin would replace veteran Joselio Hanson as the nickel cornerback. Hanson has been in the NFL for seven seasons, including the last six with the Eagles. He became a valuable slot cornerback, and Asomugha does not believe Hanson will surrender the spot. Here's what Asomugha said:

"I think it would be difficult. He's done it for nine, 10 years, and it's always been his thing - to the point that people don't think about him as an outside corner. He understands that game so well from the inside. He's similar to Jason Avant on the offense. He's got all the mental intangibles you need for playing that position. When it comes to three receivers in a game, it'll be tough to beat someone like Jose out for that inside spot."

Bird brains

The Eagles practiced for just more than an hour with the full team on Thursday, and started practice with a Vick pass to DeSean Jackson. The first full day of practices with the entire squad begins Friday with a walk-through at 8:15 a.m. and a full practice at 2:45 p.m. The defensive linemen will sign autographs after practice. . . . Racing fans who also like the Eagles can see NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Denny Hamlin and NASCAR Camper World Truck Series drivers Joey Coulter and Nelson Piquet Jr. at camp on Friday. Their appearance is in conjunction with the Pennsylvania 400 and Pocono Mountains 125 at Pocono Raceway Aug. 3-5.