EAGLES FANS got to see their new heartthrob, Nick Foles, up close in a relaxed atmosphere at the Flight Night practice Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field. But more important, they got to see their old heartthrob, Michael Vick, throwing passes and looking healthy.

Afterward, Vick told reporters that if the season started now, he'd be ready, so that would seem to clear up any lingering doubt over whether Vick will be healthy enough to start in Cleveland on Sept. 9.

"I'm not really concerned at all" about having played just 12 preseason snaps, Vick said. "I felt like I had a great training camp. I felt I was in a rhythm" before suffering thumb and rib injuries in the preseason games against Pittsburgh and New England.

Vick said he "felt great" during the light practice before an announced crowd of 26,200, heavily weighted toward young children, with proceeds going to the Eagles Youth Partnership.

"I've had a lot of progression the last couple of days, especially with my thumb. I've been fighting that battle a little bit, ever since I hurt it [Aug. 9]. I've had chance to get my ribs worked on, get my thumb worked on. It felt great this morning. It felt great tonight," Vick said.

Is he worried about injury, given that his health is the biggest preseason question facing the team?

"No. I still will go out and play the game, and play it effectively, to the best of my ability," Vick said. "Without worrying about getting hit . . . At the end of the day, you've just got to forget about it and go out there and play football. That's the only way you play and not get hurt."

In Vick's absence, Foles led the Eagles past the Patriots and the Browns. In three preseason games, the third-round rookie from Arizona has completed 36 of 57 passes (63.16 percent) for 507 yards, six touchdowns and two interceptions. His passer rating is a spiffy 112.24.

"Nick has played great. He's a great study," Vick said. "He's a great quarterback. He has a big-time arm and he does things the right way. He's done a tremendous job for this team. I see him being a leader in the NFL one day."

Foles said fans are starting to recognize him when he's out and about. (Look for a 6-6 dude with long, blondish locks and a scruffy beard, who resembles a really huge Tom Petty, circa 1980s.) "Fans are very appreciative and complimentary," Foles said. "We have very passionate fans, so it's good to go out there and play well, but like I've said before, I've still got a lot of work to do. I hope they know that."

"I have a sense, I can definitely tell" that fans are excited to see him play well, Foles acknowledged. "I'm staying level-headed and just working."

Foles said Trent Edwards has been a big help.

"We're roommates. I've spent every single day with him since I got here," Edwards said. "He's kind of a goofy kid. Strong arm. Accurate. Everything you would need. I've been in his shoes before. I've been a third-round pick [of Buffalo, in 2007], where you had to play early. You've got to take it one day at a time. I was telling him all last game, it's just like 11-on-11 on the practice field. Don't make it anything bigger than it needs to be.

"He was probably more excited for [the Cleveland game], being the starter, and I tried to keep reminding him of that."

Foles said he understands that the teams he is beating aren't game-planning for him, aren't disguising coverages and blitzes the way they would in real games.

Foles confirmed what former Arizona quarterbacks coach Frank Scelfo told the Daily News last week - that Foles is the worst dresser around. He says he's trying to get better, with the help of his mom and a sister.

"Every year I'm trying to get a little bit better; I don't want to shoot to the moon right now with my attire and then not have anywhere to go up," Foles explained.

Vick has his own clothing line. Foles said that would not be a good thing for him, that his line would have to be "mismatched clothing."

Staff writer Marcus Hayes contributed to this article.