THE EAGLES have won seven of the last eight against the Giants, including that playoff game in January 2009 when Donovan McNabb picked up the phone on the Giants' sideline, which Justin Tuck said this week the Giants are still miffed about.

I don't think I know what either of these teams is yet. In a contest between the Week 1 Giants, who lost listlessly to the Cowboys, and the Week 2 Eagles, who beat the Ravens, I would take the Week 2 Eagles. But the Week 3 Giants annihilated Carolina, and you know what the Week 3 Eagles did.

It's often a mistake in the NFL to base your pick on what happened last week. I'll be shocked if the Eagles don't play a better game than they played at Arizona. Bottom line, though, I don't like Demetress Bell against anybody on the Giants' defensive line, and I don't like the version of Michael Vick I've been seeing lately against the current version of Eli Manning.


Giants 28, Eagles 20.