LeSean McCoy has not yet been cleared by an independent neurologist, which is all that remains in the way of the Pro Bowl running back returning to action after missing four games with a concussion.

McCoy will practice with the Eagles on Monday. If he's free of symptoms, he will undergo an examination on Tuesday so he can be cleared to play.

"Right now, LeSean is not ready to go," coach Andy Reid said. "I would play LeSean when he is ready to go."

That does not mean that Reid will stop playing Bryce Brown, the fumble-prone rookie who rushed for 34 yards on 16 carries in Thursday's loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Brown was involved in a fumbled handoff in the third quarter on Thursday night, although the fumble was officially charged to quarterback Nick Foles.

It was Brown's second consecutive poor outing after two record-breaking starts. One habit Brown has formed is bouncing runs outside. Reid said there were "two or three" rushes that Brown could have kept inside the tackles.

It's all part of the learning experience for Brown, who slipped in the draft because he barely played college football. Reid said Brown has shown improvement in blocking, catching and subtle parts of rushing. But there are still gains to be made.

"He needs to play. That's why I haven't sat him down because of the fumbles," Reid said. "I felt like he did miss a lot. He missed a lot of football. The thing he needs most is to be out there and playing and learning the game so he's wired the right way. This is a kid who doesn't want to make mistakes and drop the ball and that stuff."

The Eagles could also find carries for rookie Chris Polk, who has missed more than a month while recovering from a toe injury.

What about Vick?

Reid has not yet determined a plan for Michael Vick when the Eagles play on Dec. 23 against the Washington Redskins. Vick was cleared by an independent neurologist after missing five games with a concussion, and he has lost the starting quarterback spot to Nick Foles. Vick will practice on Monday, but Reid does not yet know if Vick will be active against the Redskins.

More mistakes

The Eagles committed three special-teams gaffes on Thursday: a blocked punt, a muffed kick and a penalty on a Bengals field-goal attempt that resulted in a first down.

Reid explained that on the blocked punt, rookie Marvin McNutt was beaten around the left edge. There was confusion with the Eagles getting 11 players onto the field, and rookie Ryan Rau did not take his place in the formation because he stayed with the defense instead of running out with special teams.

Reid called it a "rookie mistake." Reid did not consider calling a timeout because tight end Clay Harbor filled in for Rau on time.

The penalty on the fourth-quarter field-goal attempt was ruled a personal foul because the Eagles simulated the snap count.

"The officials said that one of our guys said, 'Set,' " Reid said. "The problem was we jumped. I was trying to put that together how we said, 'Set,' but we jumped. I wasn't sure how that worked."

Injury update

Harbor suffered a lower-back contusion. Fullback Stanley Havili suffered a hamstring strain. Cornerback Brandon Hughes suffered a lung contusion, and guard Evan Mathis had ankle inflammation on Thursday. All are expected to recover by the Redskins game. Hughes was hospitalized overnight because he had coughed up blood, but he was released Friday morning.

Tight end Brent Celek has passed all his concussion tests, and safety Kurt Coleman is expected to return next week after missing two games with a sternum injury. Reid said Colt Anderson has played well enough to keep the starting spot from Coleman, but no decision has been made.