THE EAGLES have beaten the Giants in eight of the last nine encounters, including the playoff game when Donovan McNabb picked up the phone on the sideline. But there also is the inconvenient matter of the Birds having lost 10 of their last 11 games this season, and of a rusty Michael Vick, who thought his season was over, getting abruptly thrown back into the starting quarterback job. And I think the defensive line is going to miss concussed tackle Fletcher Cox, an anchor inside.

This is always a decent matchup for the Eagles. It was November a year ago at MetLife, less than 3 months before the Giants won the Super Bowl, when Vince Young somehow quarterbacked the Eagles to victory. I think the Birds ought to be able to run LeSean McCoy (more than 100 rushing yards in four of the last five Giants-Eagles games) and Bryce Brown at the G-men all day, and make Vick's rust a minimal factor. Do I have any faith that Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg are willing to go out that way?

No, I do not.


Giants 26, Eagles 21.