Here is what insiders saw at training camp:

No rear view

Eagles defensive line and assistant head coach Jerry Azzinaro is one of the most vocal members of the coaching staff during practices.

The stocky, curly-and gray-haired Azzinaro, who coached Chip Kelly's defensive line at Oregon from 2009 to 2012, can often be heard telling players, "No walking," when heading to different drills.

Azzinaro doesn't seem to hesitate in speaking his mind, but he is apparently still uncomfortable receiving that unique physical encouragement that athletes and coaches often give each other.

"Keep your hands off my [rear end], please," he called out to no one in particular as a crowd of defensive players jogged across the field.


Trash talk

Being a punter can be lonely at times, especially when the rest of the team is running a wide range of plays together that include nothing for special teams.

To pass the time on Saturday, rookie punter Brad Wing held a competition against himself. With five trash cans arranged in a line, Wing booted punts from about 40 yards out attempting to land one in a trash can.

Wing didn't make any in about a 15-minute span but rimmed out twice, putting his hands to his face and dropping his jaw in disbelief each time.

Hot news

From the sideline, it's difficult to tell just what exactly trainer Katie Morrison is doing as she trails players with a notebook and what looks like a black walkie talkie in hand.

Morrison, a faculty member in the athletic training program at West Chester University, monitors players' core temperatures throughout practice with a special thermometer. If that temperature rises above 103 degrees Fahrenheit, the training staff will watch that player closely to see if he gets dizzy or lethargic.

"If they are symptomatic, and they're at a high range, we know to pull them from practice," said Morrison.

Fortunately, Morrison and the Eagles training staff had no such cases on Saturday.

Impressive plow

The Eagles have not worn pads in practice - they will Sunday - but some of the offensive and defensive linemen and linebackers engaging in one-on-one battles could have used them on Saturday.

Linebacker Brandon Graham and guard Danny Watkins were particularly impressive in a drill simulating the line of scrimmage. Defensive end Phillip Hunt, however, received the most "ooohs" and "aaahs" from on-lookers after plowing right over rookie Nic Purcell.

"He steamrolled him!" a fan called out from the sideline.

The Eagles are allowing invited fans to watch certain practices.

- Mike Still