KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Quarterback Michael Vick has gotten off to a quick start in the fast-paced Eagles offense, and his former coach and next opponent, Andy Reid, couldn't be happier.

The Kansas City Chiefs coach spoke briefly about Vick during a conference call with reporters on Monday.

"I am very happy for him, probably more so as a person than as a football player," Reid said. "Just the fact that he is a good father and husband, and he is a good football player, and the first two come before the football part of it, in my mind."

The football part hasn't gone too badly.

In the first two games, Vick has a 119 passer rating, having completed 38 of 61 passes for 631 yards and four touchdowns with no interceptions, according to the NFL. He has rushed for 77 yards (5.1 average) and two touchdowns.

Vick's story in Philadelphia is well-documented. He missed the 2007 and 2008 NFL seasons after spending 19 months in a federal prison for running a dogfighting operation.

Vick was reinstated in 2009 by the NFL and signed by Reid and the Eagles.

"It's nice to see what he has done with his life here in getting a second chance," Reid said.