CRIS CARTER either has a bad memory, or is a hypocrite.

You make the call.

Yesterday, Carter directed a tweet at DeSean Jackson that read: "@DeseanJackson10 congrats Bro. Praying this is the 2nd biggest mistake @Eagles made in their history by cutting their best WR. #2ndchances"

It was 24 years ago that Buddy Ryan cut Carter. Like Jackson, Carter was coming off a great season, with 45 receptions and 11 touchdowns. Unlike Jackson - unless the Eagles know something we don't - Carter had major substance-abuse issues, struggling with alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana. In other words, there were good reasons to get rid of him.

Carter is on record as saying as much last year in his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech.

"Buddy Ryan drafted me, and he tried to grow me up in the league," Carter said during his speech. "What Buddy Ryan did was the best thing that ever happened for me when he cut me and told me I couldn't play for his football team. But he told me a story. He told me the night before, he went home and talked to his wife. And he asked his wife what he should do, And his wife told him, 'Don't cut Cris Carter. He's going to do something special with his life.' So Buddy Ryan, and his lovely wife, I thank you. You're going into the Hall with me."

Carter, of course, was claimed off waivers by the Vikings and turned his life around.

Time will tell if it was a mistake to cut Jackson, who signed with the Redskins yesterday. But Buddy Ryan did the right thing at the time.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, Carter forgot that.


Today is not a date to celebrate if you're a Cubs fan.

On March 3, 1987, Chicago traded Dennis Eckersley to the Oakland A's for three minor leaguers.