Chip Kelly

DOWN - A good culture is nice, but it doesn't win Super Bowls. Talent does. Kelly's decision to stock his secondary with subpar players has killed the Eagles nearly all season. And his decision to release a certain Pro Bowl receiver reeked of hubris.

DeSean Jackson

UP - The former Eagle danced into tunnel after the game. He flapped his wings and yelled, "Get the . . . Birds out of here!" Jackson's total numbers in two games vs. his former team: nine catches for 243 yards and one touchdown.

Bill Davis

DOWN - His defense of his cornerbacks was admirable in one sense, but foolish when they couldn't cover receivers game after game after game . . . It took 15 games before he finally benched Bradley Fletcher. It was probably 15 games too late.

Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams

DOWN - Davis admitted after the game that Fletcher had lost his confidence. What do you expect when you leave him on an island all the time? Williams has become a penalty machine.

Mark Sanchez

DOWN - He finished with a 99.9 passer rating and made a number of big plays, but Sanchez had two costly turnovers - his 12th and 13th in eight games. An interception set up the Redskins' game-winning field goal.

Brandon Graham

DOWN - In his first start in nearly two years, Graham was a dud. He had no sacks and was penalized for roughing the passer.

LeSean McCoy

UP - He had more than 100 yards from scrimmage (88 rushing and 28 receiving) and scored the Eagles' first touchdown. But Kelly turned into Andy Reid and had Sanchez drop back to throw on a whopping 53 of 84 plays.

Cody Parkey

DOWN - The rookie kicker has been battling a groin injury. It may have been a factor in his two second-half field-goal misses from 34 and 46 yards.

Darren Sproles

UP - Kelly did find a way to get the ball into Sproles' hands after nearly of month of little output from the running back. Sproles had six catches for 43 yards and ran 24 yards on four totes.

Zach Ertz

UP - The second-year tight end set a franchise record with 15 catches. Ertz caught nearly everything Sanchez threw his way, except for the third-and-goal pass in the fourth quarter that probably shouldn't have been thrown. Why did it take 15 games to emphasize Ertz?

Riley Cooper

UP - It figured that Cooper would deliver his best game in the Eagles' most crushing loss of the season. His second score - a leaping grab - was beautiful, but a case of too little too late.

Eagles fans

UP - The three-quarters-full FedEx Field had roughly 25 percent of its seating occupied by Eagles fans. When Jackson's face popped up on the screen to wish Redskins fans a Merry Christmas, boos cascaded from the stands. Unfortunately for the fans, they got coal in their stockings.

- Jeff McLane