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Lurie: Eagles GM Roseman staying put

Owner Jeffrey Lurie says Howie Roseman has “done a great job’’ and will continue working with Chip Kelly.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. (Michael Perez/AP)
Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. (Michael Perez/AP)Read more

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Where exactly the talk started is unclear, but there has been talk among those who talk that maybe Eagles coach Chip Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman aren't getting along so well, and that maybe Kelly would prefer someone else to buy his groceries in the future.

Well, forget that. Because while he was noncommittal about the future of his starting quarterback, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was quite definitive about his general manager. He says that Roseman is staying.

"Absolutely," Lurie said yesterday, after the Eagles' 34-26 win over the New York Giants. "I see two really valued executives, Chip, Howie, and add [team president] Don Smolenski to that. These are obsessed-to-being-good executives. They have different roles. They cross over at different points. But I think you know me - I like to surround myself with not yes-men but strong, opinionated people that are really dedicated to making us really good. That's what those three do. I couldn't be more proud of all three."

So how has Roseman done?

"Howie's done a great job," Lurie said.

So he's staying?

"Is that a question? Yes," Lurie said.

So, there. There was no further elaboration on how these strong, opinionated executives were getting along. Anyway, throughout the interview, his first since training camp, Lurie tried to convey both his enthusiasm about the future and his disappointment with the last couple of weeks.

"Gut-wrenching," is how he described it. "This is a great, great group of guys. I can't remember in all my time a better-motivated group of players. Excellent coaching. Just a gut-wrenching feeling for all of us. Personally, for me, and everyone in the organization and everyone in this room."

Lurie talked about what he sees as an abundance of young talent on the roster, and five Pro Bowl players, and five alternates. He said, "Maybe I'm being overly enthusiastic. I don't think so. These players deserve a lot of credit and we're crushed at the same time. It's a dual feeling. You're feeling really good about your young team, a lot of the same feelings I had when we were 9-3, 9-4, very excited. But at the same time, emotionally crushed."