DeMarco Murray's playing time has declined during the last two weeks, but offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur insisted that Murray's reduced role is not based on the running back's performance.

"I don't think there's a big change," Shurmur said. "I think we've played multiple running backs throughout the year. Done. If he was getting every single snap throughout the year, then maybe we'd have something to talk about. I'm sorry, but we have Ryan Mathews, we have Darren Sproles, we have these guys that we would all agree are outstanding football players and we want them to play as well. That's it."

The numbers suggest otherwise. In Murray's first 10 games, he never played fewer than 42 percent of the snaps, and he played more than any running back in every game. He also started all but one of those games.

In the last two games, Murray has played 23 percent and 32 percent of the snaps. He did not start or get the most playing time in either game.

"I think as we kind of morph through the year and we become what we are as the Philadelphia Eagles trying to win a football game, we just do what we think is best," Shurmur said. "I think it's a combination of things. We have other guys in the room that warrant playing time. Period."

Matthews, Barbre sit

Wide receiver Jordan Matthews and offensive lineman Allen Barbre were both on the sideline during practice Tuesday and did not participate. Cornerback Byron Maxwell was not even on the practice field.

There's no word on Maxwell's status. He was believed to be in the facility, but he did not attend the session. The Eagles do not need to release an injury report until Wednesday.

Matthews is bothered by a back injury. He played through the discomfort on Sunday. Shurmur said it was "courageous" that Matthews played.

"The biggest thing you have to worry about is overcompensating and end up possibly doing something else," Matthews said. "I was able to come out of the game with only my back kind of being the problem. . . . It's something I've got to monitor."

Matthews said he would not be able to play if the game was on Tuesday, but he has to rest of the week to try to recover and return. The injury had been bothering him, but he alerted the training staff on Saturday.

Barbre did not reveal his injury, but he expects to return this week.