Earl Foreman, 92, who once owned part of the Eagles and assisted Flyers owner Ed Snider with decisions related to his hockey team, died Monday night of natural causes in Chevy Chase, Md.

Mr. Foreman's death was confirmed by his niece, Lindy Snider, the daughter of the late Snider.

Mr. Foreman, a well-respected Washington, D.C., real estate attorney, was married to Ed Snider's sister, Phyllis, who is credited with creating the Flyers' name and designing their logo.

He is survived by his wife and their three sons, Scott, Ronald, and Stuart; three grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

In addition to the Eagles, Mr. Foreman owned the ABA's Virginia Squires and brought Julius Erving and George Gervin to the team, giving the future NBA superstars their starts.

He also was co-owner of the NBA's Baltimore Bullets, co-founder of the United State Soccer League, and served as commissioner of the Major Indoor Soccer League for 10 years.

"He was a great family man - kind, loving and wise," Lindy Snider said. "He'd give amazing advice to all of us and he never lost relevance."

At one time, Mr. Foreman represented the late Jerry Wolman, the onetime Eagles owner.

"He was like a big brother to Ed Snider and he was responsible for Snider meeting Wolman, the D.C. developer who made Snider the vice president of the Eagles when he brought them in 1964," said Lou Scheinfeld, the former Flyers vice president.

Mr. Foreman assisted Snider and helped get the Spectrum out of bankruptcy in 1971.

According to Scheinfeld, Mr. Foreman "counseled Snider on business dealings and tempered his occasional tantrums when things didn't go Ed's way."

"He had a lovely and close relationship with my dad," Lindy Snider said.

Funeral services are pending.