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Big & Tall Swap

Nick Foles is the tallest quarterback in Eagles history.

Did you get tired of watching short, stocky defensive linemen knock down Eagles passes at the line of scrimmage earlier this season? Yeah, us too!

Probably won't have that problem anymore, now that Andy Reid has handed the keys to the player we believe is the tallest quarterback in Eagles' history: 6-foot-6-inch Nick Foles (left). He will be standing in for Michael Vick, the shortest QB under Reid at 6 feet even.

At 243 pounds, Foles is also the heaviest of the Reid-era QBs, so he should be better able to absorb the punishment that can come from having an offensive line taped together by Bounty.

For those seeking historical perspective, the tallest QB in league history is presumed to be the Seahawks' Dan McGwire, Mark's brother. He was listed at 6-8 ... and who's to argue that with him?

Below are the 14 quarterbacks who have played for the Eagles since 1999 (as well as Trent Edwards, who might yet before the season is over), listed in descending order by height, according to the Eagles' media guide of their most recent season: