If you've ever used the Eagles in the old Nintendo video game "Tecmo Super Bowl," there's a good chance you have seen the following play:

It's a designed QB run for the legendary video game player, know only as "QB Eagles."

In the Eagles-Giants game, Chip Kelly ran an almost identical play twice.

First, let's break it down in the video game:

The Eagles come out in "11 personnel," trips right. with the TE on the left side of the line, and the RB to the trips side of the formation. The TE is going to seal the outside rusher (in this case, the Cardinals' 3-4 ROLB), while both guards will be pulling to the empty side of the formation. It's the RB's job to just stand there and admire the play:

Let's watch them dance:

Note the same basic formation in the Eagles-Giants game yesterday:

There are two small differences in Chip Kelly's version:

1. Chip Kelly sends LeSean McCoy in motion toward the side of the formation with the trips receivers to draw a linebacker (in this case #52 Spencer Paysinger) away from the play design. This is a much better use of the RB than to have him just stand there and watch. Kudos to Kelly for that additional innovation.

2. Instead of pulling both guards, Kelly makes good use of center Jason Kelce's athleticism and has him pull along with the play side guard, in this case, Todd Herremans:

The pulling Todd Herremans pancakes the CB, the Eagles have good blocking numbers in the run game, and Vick has a wide open alley:

Vick gets a gain of 14 down to the 1.

Next play: Touchdown.

It's hard to improve on the greatness that is the Tecmo Super Bowl playbook. After all, that was the sequel to the much more archaic "Tecmo Bowl," which was 73% less super. But Chip Kelly has done just that.