An Eagles spokesman said this afternoon there is no update on quarterback Michael Vick's progress recovering from a concussion suffered in Sunday night's loss to the Falcons.

Head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder spoke yesterday of wanting to get Vick the required MRI as quickly as possible, and starting Impact testing, the computerized assessment that will help determine when Vick can return to the field. But the spokesman said today he had no information on whether those things indeed have happened.

Typically the Eagles are less interested in providing fans relevant information quickly than they are in making sure head coach Andy Reid gets to announce any updates. Reid isn't scheduled to address reporters until tomorrow.


In today's day-after assessment of the Eagles loss, I make the point that the existing video replay setup is absurd. It shouldn't be NBC's job to make sure the game is properly officiated. I don't think the network was in any way negligent or remiss in not getting to its fourth replay angle before the Falcons snapped the ball following Kelvin Hayden's bogus interception. The NFL needs to take complete control of replay.


If you're wondering how on earth Dunta Robinson got away with a $40,000 fine for trying to use the crown of his helmet to decapitate Jeremy Maclin, you are not alone.

My take is that the league has a serious forest/trees problem. It wants to cut down on dangerous hits, and head injuries. So it initiated this "defenseless receiver" line of thinking last offseason, and had to weather lots of grumbling about wussifying the sport. The defense to those complaints has been for the league to proudly point out that you can still do all kinds of awful stuff to runners or receivers who aren't "defenseless."

So, Maclin came down and took a step or two before Robinson lowered his head and aimed it at Maclin's chin. Big whoop. To me, that makes what Robinson did this time WORSE than what he did last year to DeSean Jackson, when Robinson was trying to prevent a catch, and a bang-bang collision resulted in both players getting concussed.

To the league, however, the time passing between the catch and the hit somehow makes what Robinson did this time LESS egregious, which is, in my opinion, absolutely nuts. And it isn't going to do anything to stop dangerous hits, which was supposed to be the whole point, allegedly.

By the way, that hit wasn't just dangerous to Maclin, it could have gotten Robinson paralyzed. Somebody needs to point that out to him. Apparently, it isn't going to be the NFL.


Eagles worked out ex-Rams WR/KR Mardy Gilyard and ex-Titans DE Jacob Ford today. Apparently these were "due diligence" workouts, the kind NFL teams hold on Tuesdays throughout the season.

Can't imagine what the interest in Gilyard would be, except for kick returns, where I'd prefer to to see the Eagles develop Dion Lewis, who needs more touches, not fewer.

Ford is a precaution in case Darryl Tapp (pectoral muscle) can't play this week, with Juqua Parker sidelined by a high-ankle sprain. Tapp is hoping he can go, he confirmed Monday. If he can't the Eagles will likely make a DE roster move.

Ford obviously has the all-important Jim Washburn connection. He was cut just before the season after missing time in training camp with a hamstring.


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