Free agency is off and running, with some teams diving straight into the pool and others, including the Eagles, taking a more measured approach in the early hours of the annual talent shopping spree. So far the biggest news out of the NovaCare Complex has been the move to extend tackle Todd Herremans -- a wise decision, but one that isn't exactly going to burst onto the ESPN ticker. It's a big change from last season when the Eagles were big players early. Here's a quick round up of moves of interest as of 5:30 Tuesday:

-- There was an NFL Network report that the Eagles were trying to land a meeting with Saints guard Carl Nicks, considered one of the top free agents on the market, but a league source said the report was not accurate. Nicks is 6-foot-5, 343 pounds -- hardly in the Howard Mudd mold.

Evan Mathis, last year's starting left guard for the Eagles and now a free agent, was apparently unconcerned about the report. Moments later he wrote on Twitter: "BREAKING: Evan Mathis has visit lined up with @capriottis. #Capastrami #starving"

-- The Redskins appear to be back to their free-spending ways, despite any salary cap penalties they may be facing from the league. They have signed wide receiver Pierre Garcon and were reportedly on the verge of adding 49ers wide receiver Josh Morgan, who got off to a hot start in 2011 before breaking his ankle. The pair would provide options for Robert Griffin, III, who we all assume will end up with the Skins after they acquired the second pick in the draft.

Garcon's contract, reportedly a five-year deal with $21.5 million guaranteed, could inflate the wide receiver market, which could complicate any effort to sign DeSean Jackson long term.

-- The Bucs were big players. They were said to be close to signing wide receiver Vincent Jackson, one of the top players in this year's class. With lots of cap room, expect a huge salary number. Nicks was supposedly another Bucs target.

-- Wide receiver Brandon Marshall was traded to Chicago for two third round picks. He has been productive, but also a headache. Still, it makes you wonder if that's his value, what could DeSean Jackson realistically bring back in a trade? Maybe more, but probably not a lot more.

-- Jason Jones, a former Titan defensive lineman who had success under defensive line coach Jim Washburn, reportedly had visits lined up with St. Louis and Seattle.