Eagles running back LeSean McCoy released a statement Monday apologizing for a spat with the mother of his son on Twitter late Saturday night.

In the public exchange on the social networking site, the woman criticized McCoy, saying he had abandoned their son, among other personal and graphic insults. McCoy responded with insults of his own, and even encouraged his followers to tell the woman to "get a job n stop begging for child support money."

"I would like to express how deeply sorry and remorseful I am to my family, the Philadelphia Eagles, my fans, and every young person who views me as a role model," McCoy said in the statement. "This is not who I am as a person, nor the image I ever wanted to portray of myself. It's definitely not the example I want to set for my son."

In the statement, McCoy took responsibility for what he wrote and said that his account was not hacked. McCoy later deactivated his Twitter account.

"Due to my bad judgment and frustration, I allowed a very personal matter to be played out on a social network, of all things," McCoy said. "It was immature and unprofessional for me to do so and to encourage others to join in."

The exchange seemed to begin when McCoy tweeted about his vacation. The nature of the conversation became personal and inflammatory from there. He explained in the statement that emotions were magnified by a parental situation.

"I take great pride in being a good father and strive to one day be a great one," McCoy said. "I've always done everything in my means to provide for my son financially, emotionally, and most importantly with my time and heart. I am sick over the fact that my actions have caused pain to him and all involved. I have decided to handle this matter privately from here on out and I thank everyone for their continued support."