Brent Celek said Wednesday that Chip Kelly's offense "from a communication standpoint" would "change the league."

What has yet to be deciphered is what kind of communication system for relaying plays to the huddle the new Eagles coach plans to implement.

On Thursday, running back LeSean McCoy said that plays were being sent in via "sign language." At Oregon, Kelly ran his up-tempo offense with signs on the sideline that told the offense which plays to run, often using only one-word terminology. Patriots coach Bill Belichick borrowed the one-word idea and used it last season in New England.

An Eagles representative said that McCoy meant sign language as in typical NFL hand motions, not the use of placards. All this could change, of course. The Eagles have only been on the field for three days of practice and Kelly is still installing much of his offense.

On thing is for certain, Kelly's offense will look much different than it ever has.