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Get your learn on: A round-up of Eagles film breakdowns

While watching the Snow Bowl from the press box, I wondered what kind of film breakdowns would emerge from a game that was so unique:

Can't wait to see what "All-22" posts emerge from this game.

See? I told you I wondered that! Sure enough, many of my peers didn't disappoint to deliver good content, even with such an oddity of a football game. Here's a round-up of the film breakdowns from the Snow Bowl, as well as the upcoming game against the Vikings.

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"It was a play where if they were gonna bite after I blocked the end, then I was gonna take off and Nick was gonna throw it to me," Celek said. "As soon as I saw that safety bite and I hit the end, I knew we had it so I took off. And he threw the easiest ball ever to catch. And then I slid. I knew the game was over at that point."

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The motion and different options pull three defenders away from the play. There was another corner accounting for Cooper, meaning the Eagles were blocking 7-on-7 on the run, which scored.

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SHADY - Great game. 29-217-2. Those 217 yards are an Eagles record for a game. Shady got off to a very slow start. Took him a while to adjust his running to the conditions. He loves to make lateral cuts. You can't do that in snow. Shady did adjust and became more of a downhill runner. He then mixed in cuts downfield when he was already on the move. That's when Shady took the game over and made the Lions look silly, play after play.

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Now, let's quickly dive into the Vikings defensive unit. This group has had its share of injuries throughout the season, including safety Harrison Smith and linebacker Desmond Bishop among others. Still, there is a lot of talent for head coach Leslie Frazier to work with, and they present a lot of different challenges to game plan for.

The Vikings employ two big, physical cornerbacks in rookie first-round pick Xavier Rhodes and veteran Chris Cook. They have a defensive line with Jared Allen, Brian Robison, Everson Griffen and Kevin Williams that has shown in the past that they are able to pressure the quarterback by just bringing four rushers. They have smart linebackers who are good at reading opposing quarterbacks and getting to the football like Chad Greenway. Typically, when you have that type of personnel, you are able to utilize "Tampa-2" coverage when needed. Again, it's not a primary defense like we saw with the Buccaneers under Monte Kiffin, but it's a coverage the Vikings utilize often depending on the down and distance. I broke down the "Tampa-2" when the Eagles prepared to play the Bucs earlier this season, and I'll dive a little further here.

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The elements obviously played a huge part in this game and its legacy. But who would've ever thought that a 33-yard catch by Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson would be one of the biggest plays in the Eagles' favor? When cornerback Cary Williams was beat on Johnson's long catch early in the game on Sunday, he made sure to let his coach know exactly how that same idea would work in his offense's favor. How did Chip Kelly respond? Let's take a look at a play late in the third quarter, and one of the turning points of this game …

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You know who still runs the wide nine 4-3? That's right, the Detroit Lions.

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Just a quickie. Left hand clearly grasping the face mask.

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Celek doesn't stop there. He gets a last-second shove on safety Louis Delmas as they both go to the ground, enabling McCoy to slide out of Delmas' ankle tackle and pick up 14 yards.