EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was in a walking boot and a knee wrapped after the game.

The walking boot was because someone stepped on his foot. The brace was from an attempt to make an acrobatic coach in the first half.

"I'll be alright," Jackson said.

The Eagles said Jackson was checked out for a knee injury and a concussion during the game. Jackson termed the injury a sprained right knee or right ankle.

Jackson had 88 receiving yards and a season-long 51-yard punt return. In his career, Jackson has amassed 278 yards and two touchdowns on 12 punt returns against the Giants (23.2 average).

In addressing his role with the team, Jackson said, "People don't really understand the light I shine on my teammates and the energy I'm able to bring."

He also incurred the ire of coach Andy Reid for a taunting penalty. Reid said they talked after that play to make sure they were on the same page.

Asked if he found Jackson maddening, Reid replied: "When he returns those long punts, I find him quite appealing. I enjoy the kid. He's got a youthful energy. I enjoy him. Try to be as honest with him as I can. That's how we go about our business."

Quarterback Vince Young said Jackson was different this week in the aftermath of his benching against Arizona than he had been in the past.

"When he told y'all in the interview about how he feels, how he is going to be a team player and all these different things, he did that all week in practice," Young said. "He was studying. Then he brought it to the game and you guys saw that."


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