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Josh Huff says Chip Kelly has played 'major role' in his life

On what the phone call was like when Eagles head coach Chip Kelly called him:

"Man, it was exciting. I'm very excited to be with my former head coach in college. It's great to have an opportunity to be reunited with him again; it's a real good feeling. He said he was going to draft me and he kept his word."

On when coach Kelly said he was going to draft him:

"Right around the third round. When I got the call, that '2-1-5' popped up on my phone and I immediately started to cry. It's a dream come true for me and I just can't wait to come out and get to work."

On when coach Kelly told him he was going to draft him:

"Well, I didn't hear it directly from him. I heard it from the [wide] receivers coach [Bob Bicknell] at my pro day. My offensive coordinator told me at my pro day. That's when he told me.

On whether he believed him given the unpredictability of the draft:

"I just kept my options open, man. I know that the draft is very unpredictable and I just kept my options open and prayed about it. Prayed that I would be reunited with [Kelly] again. Now that I am reunited with him, I can't wait to get to work with him."

On the role that coach Kelly has had in his life:

"He's had a major role in my life. He gave me the opportunity, first and foremost, to go out to Oregon and compete at the highest level. I thank him for that. He continued to groom me the three years that we were there together and he made me into a better man and made me who I am today."

On whether he sees any similarities with coach Kelly's scheme in Philadelphia compared to what he did in Oregon:

"Yeah, there are a lot of similarities, but of course, being in the NFL, the schemes kind of change. I'm excited that they're running those schemes that he has in that offense. I'm excited to learn that."

On what he attributed to his statistical jump last year:

"Hard work, dedication and being patient. I had a great offensive team at Oregon with many offensive weapons. [Defenses] just couldn't key in on one person. I had a great quarterback in Marcus Mariota and now I have a great quarterback in Nick Foles."

On his role as a special teams contributor:

"I played special teams a lot. Coming from Oregon that's all they preach. 'If you want to get to the next level, you have to contribute on special teams.' I had my opportunity to contribute on special teams and I did everything I could to contribute on special teams. Special teams is a role on any team."

On whether he thought the Eagles were going to draft him after seeing the team draft Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews in the second round:

"I just kept praying that, come third round, they would select me and they did."

On how much he played in the slot at Oregon and whether the Eagles envision him to play inside or outside:

"In my senior year, I played about 90 percent of the snaps on the inside slot. I'm just ready to go out there and work and know all the positions. So that's why I'm very excited with whatever position he puts me at."

On coming to a team as one of "Chip's guys" where the wide receiver position is stacked with talent:

"I think that, regardless, I have to go in there with a first-round mentality and prove myself. Prove the reason why he drafted me and not for the reason because I played for him [at Oregon]. There's more than that."

On the biggest difference he has seen in coach Kelly's offense here in Philadelphia compared to the scheme he ran in Oregon:

"There really is not a big difference. Everything is down and out. They can't key in on the running game, they can't key in on the passing game."

On his best coach Kelly story:

"My best Chip Kelly story is from my sophomore year when we played Stanford. I think it was a tight ball game at halftime. Coach Kelly came in and I never seen him so fired up and so rowdy. He came in, gave his speech and flipped the table over. That moment I had with Chip Kelly, just because I've never seen him act that way. It fired the team up and we were able to go out and get the victory."

On what was on the table:

"Gatorade, snack bars and stuff like that."

On the former Oregon coaches and players that he knows in the NovaCare Complex:

"I know quite a few guys there. [LB] Casey Matthews, [DE] Brandon Bair and I know pretty much the whole coaching staff that left Oregon and went to Philadelphia."