BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Michael Vick termed his left thumb injury a minor "freak injury," and it was one that did not concern him. He hopes to practice Saturday afternoon, and says he has a basis for dealing with the injury.

That includes the season finale last season against Washington, when Vick said he suffered the same injury and played through it. He finished with 335 yards and three touchdowns that day.

"I know how to deal with it," Vick said.

The injury was suffered when his throwing hand hit Jason Kelce's helmet on a follow-through of a pass on a third down in Thursday's 24-23 win over the Steelers.

After the play, Vick was visibly frustrated and worried. He said after the game that he heard a pop. But on Saturday, he was in a playful mood, joking about the injury. That could be perceived as a good sign.

Vick said there's still soreness, but he said he can work through it. He had not yet tried practicing yet as of this morning, but planned on doing so during warm-ups before practice. He carried a yellow Play-Doh in his hand. Vick said the Play-Doh is for exercise to try to reduce the swelling. There is still residual swelling and soreness, but nothing major.