DeSean Jackson, now with the Washington Redskins after being cut by the Eagles last month, owes his former agent Drew Rosenhaus over $500,000 in unpaid loans and agent fees, according to an arbitration ruling in a case heard under the NFL Players Association's guidance.

Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports has the story, and tweeted out some of the details:

Breaking: NFLPA decides #Redskins WR DeSean Jackson owes Drew Rosenhaus $516,415 in unpaid loans and agent fees. Story coming.
An NFLPA arbitrator found that Rosenhaus giving Jackson $50,000 cash, and a $90,000 check at the time of his signing was not an inducement.
Rosenhaus had been seeking $777,793 for loans, interest, credit card charges and insurance premiums from #Redskins WR DeSean Jackson.
Part of what DeSean Jackson owes to Rosenhaus came in the form of a $375,000 interest-free loan he received from the agent when he signed.
Of that $375K, Rosenhaus said he'd forgive $175K if DeSean allowed him to negotiate his then-upcoming contract w/ the #Eagles.

Jackson is currently represented by Joel Segal, whom he signed with after parting ways with Rosenhaus in 2013. Rosenhaus, not Segal, negotiated Jackson's 5-year, $51 million extension with the Eagles in 2011.

More from Getlin:

DeSean Jackson had objected to NFLPA arbitrator Roger Kaplan hearing his matter. We wrote about that in November:
The law firm that represented Rosenhaus against Jackson was referred to him by NFLPA Executive Director De Smith.

Jeff McLane of the Inquirer reports that, per Jackson's spokesperson, the former Eagles wideout plans to appeal the decision.

DeSean Jackson plans to appeal the arbitrator ruling that he owes Drew Rosenhaus $516,415 in back loans and fees, per his spokesperson.

More to come...