The numbers are in, and it turns out that NFL leader in passing yards and touchdowns Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees are crap compared to 2014 Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

Nick Foles is the @nfl leader in QB rating this season at 128.0, ahead of Manning (118.3), Rodgers (108.0) and Brees (106.7). #FlyEaglesFly

That's right.

Experts may point out that Foles has 183 less completions than Manning; that Rodgers has missed the past two weeks with an injury; that technically Darren McFadden is the league leader in QBR because he's completed one pass for a touchdown; that Foles has about 2,000 fewer passing yards than Manning and half his touchdowns; but to those people, we simpltshrug and point at the QBR rankings, at the top of which sits Nick Foles.