2012 - Grade B-

Howie Roseman's third draft as general manager netted the Eagles nine picks after they totaled a whopping 24 the previous two years. For the second straight draft, he was given more control over the process. Andy Reid did retain final say over personnel, but Roseman put his stamp on the class. The draft was a notable improvement over the previous two - and looked like a blockbuster several years in - but it hasn't aged as well.

It's easy to point out the players the Eagles could have drafted. In fact, many teams' drafts could look cringe-worthy when applying the same practice in retrospect. But there were some significant whiffs. They also avoided a few busts. The names, in most cases, aren't familiar. But that's the point. And in some circumstances - represented by a "N/A" - the Eagles did about as well (or as badly) as they could have in that round.