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Reid won't enjoy Eagles win for long

Andy Reid said he planned to enjoy the win against the Jets for "a little bit, and then I'm on to the next one."

That next one is a Saturday game against NFC East leader Dallas, and the Eagles remain alive.

"I have no idea about all of it," Reid said about the playoff scenarios. "My mind is going over this. [Eagles media relations director Derek Boyko] somewhere will filll me in on the scenarios."

Reid said he was confident that the Jets would bounce back next week, although it was not because they play the Giants next week. The Jets need to win in order to keep the Eagles in the playoff hunt.

To make the playoffs, the Eagles  need to win out, with the Jets beating Giants next week and the Giants beating Dallas in the finale. The Eagles are now out of contention for the wild card.

"They're good team," Reid said. "I know they'll be fired up. Rex does a good job."

Reid said his players might have been able to know the score on the Giants-Redskins game until about 2:30, but not after that.

"You have to focus in on your game," Reid said. "It's important in these type of situation you don't let anything take off your energy level and how you play."

On Michael Vick: "He did some good things. He knocked some rusty off last week … He had some beautiful plays today. He managed everything well. He did well … Last week he got hit on the first play. He gets hit on the first play and hit a few times after that. He handled everything in there. He got the ball out there fast."

On LeSean McCoy: "He's playing well. He's staying aggressive. Really on the fumble, he was being too aggressive, trying to get that extra, extra yard let the ball get away from his body. I appreciate the energy that he brings to our offense and the aggressive play."

On if he is surprised by McCoy's season. "No. He's done well, run game and the pass game, blocked and catching. He;s kept himself strong and in good shape.

On expectation for Jason Babin's production: "I can't tell you I didn't. I'm happy for Jason, it's a tribute to him, and [Washburn], and the rest of the guys. You can't really single out one of the guys. We've got some people there that you have to keep an eye on."

On whether he knows which team will show up on a given week: "Every week is different in the NFL. Depends on the team you're playing, the matchups. I know for sure the guys are playing hard and aggressive. They are on the right frame of mind to do that. They are spending a lot of time with their fundamentals. It looks like some of the younger guys are playing better and coming along … When you play well as a team, that's the important thing … It's not about one individual, all these guys doing their job and pulling together as a team."