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Rex: Reid is a 'Hall of Fame type coach'

Count New York Jets coach Rex Ryan among those who endorse the job Andy Reid has done with the Eagles.

"I respect the heck out of Andy," Ryan said during a conference call today. "He's a tremendous coach, probably a Hall of Fame type coach. … His resume is as impressive as anybody's. I know he doesn't have the big win yet, but he has hits team in the mix every year."

Asked about the coaches' similarities, Ryan, hefty and rather plain, like Reid, made the most of the moment.

"I think both us are extremely handsome. That's the thing that really jumps out at you," Ryan riffed. "They say it's a big man's game, so there you have it. Two of the biggest coaches in the league going at it."

Ryan clearly understands that, as a head, coach, he represents the organization when he speaks. As such, he often is clear and inclusive, as was his father, Buddy, an iconic coach whose legacy with the Eagles from 1986-90 remains incandescent.

Reid, even after 13 years, remains dismissive, to the frustration of the millions of Eagles fans. Ryan understands Reid's strategy, but insists there is more to Big Red than putting his players and coaches in better positions.

"Anybody who has spent any time with Andy off the field knows that this guy really has a great sense of humor. Doesn't take himself too seriously. Has a great time. He's smart. He's really fun to be around," Ryan said.

Ryan had plenty more to say, too:

* On Michael Vick: "He can throw a battle ship through a strawberry." He also said, "there is only one Michael Vick in this league."

* On the health of his team: Ryan said everyone should play Sunday except potentially cornerback Marquice Cole, whom he termed questionable at this point.

* Ryan says his dad, former Eagles coach Buddy Ryan, will never forget being honored at halftime by Eagles earlier this season. Rex called it a great moment for the Ryan family.

* Ryan jokingly told his players that the reason the Jets franchise is 0-8 against the Eagles is because those games came against the Eagles when his dad was coaching.


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