Apparently Terrell Owens wants to return to playing in the National Football League.

And not just with any team: he wants to play for the New England Patriots.

Owens was recently seen working out with quarterback Tom Brady in southern California. Though the Patriots didn't want to sign Owens, that hasn't stopped the former Eagles wide receiver from running his mouth.

T.O. recently gave an exclusive interview to He said "it's a matter of me knowing that I still have the ability to play, and knowing that I still have something to offer."

Owens conceded that "there was really nothing organized" about his workout with Tom Brady "as far as me trying to get with the Patriots or him pursuing me or anything like that."

But there's no doubt that he wants back in. If he signs on with New England, that would be his sixth NFL team in a career that began with the 49ers in 1996.

"Under the tutelage of Tom and Coach Bellichick, I think the sky would be the limit in terms of what I'd be able to do," Owens said.

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