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Eagles' Vick: Foles pick 'a great one'

Michael Vick said he likes the Nick Foles pick.

Arizona quarterback NIck Foles was drafted in the third round with the 88th overall pick. (Michael Conroy/AP Photo)
Arizona quarterback NIck Foles was drafted in the third round with the 88th overall pick. (Michael Conroy/AP Photo)Read more

Michael Vick said he likes the Nick Foles pick.

Right before it was announced that the Eagles had drafted Foles Friday night, Eagles coach Andy Reid had offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg phone Vick to give him a heads-up that the team was selecting a quarterback, and one relatively high in the draft.

The Arizona quarterback was picked in the third round with the 88th overall pick.

"Marty called me last night, told me about the move," Vick said Saturday. "I told him it was a great one and we're just going to move forward."

There's been a lot of speculation this off-season that Reid and Mornhinweg were looking at other alternatives under center. The team met with Robert Griffin III at the combine and was rumored to be interested in moving up to grab him in the draft. The Redskins, instead, made the move for the Baylor quarterback.

There was a report in the L.A. Times last month that Reid wanted to pursue Peyton Manning, but that he knew the free agent quarterback would not ultimately come to Philadelphia. Manning signed with the Broncos.

And then the Eagles kept working out prospects -- which isn't peculiar in itself -- but the general sense was that they were serious about getting a quarterback in the draft, perhaps one that could someday be a franchise type.

And then they did. Foles, though, shouldn't be viewed as some threat to Vick, at least for this season. He's seen as fairly raw and as a developmental prospect.

"Don't really know too much about Nick, but what I do know is he can improve on this level," Vick said.  "This is going to be a great opportunity for him to come in and compete, which is what we're all doing week-in and week-out, and just taking a young quarterback and trying to mold him."

If anything, current backup quarterbacks Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards have immediate concerns. The Eagles aren't likely to cut a third round pick before the season. But Vick really has only one more year of guaranteed money on his contract. The Eagles could break ties with him in 2013 if they really wanted to.

But that's something for another day. Vick said he plans to welcome Foles with open arms and help him learn Reid's West Coast offense.

"I didn't have a guy that did for me," Vick said. "I had to come in and pretty much learn on my own. So when the younger guys come in now, I try to lead by example, but lead verbally, too, and try to help them as much as I can. I can't take all this knowledge with me when I'm done. Pass it on and it will make the game a lot better."

Vick was one of the few active Eagles to be at the NovaCare to support Brian Dawkins as he officially retired as an Eagle.

"Brian was one of the guys when Andy was inquiring about bringing me in, one of the guys that was rooting for me," Vick said. "So I felt like I should be here, for what this organization represents and stands for."

Vick, who played his first six seasons in Atlanta, was asked if he wanted to retire as an Eagle.

"Let me get my ring first," Vick said. "Honestly, I think I will because I think the next four, five years are going to be great. I feel like, not only me, but this team's going to do great things."