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What they're saying about the Eagles

Here's a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

If you missed it from earlier, I posted Man Up on the offense, which took a look ahead at which pieces fit in 2012.

And now the links:'s Peter King thinks the Eagles are the 10th-best team in the NFL right now:

Won the last three by 55 (assist to Steven McGee). Held each of their last three foes under 300 yards. The Eagles don't deserve to make the playoffs, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have gotten on a roll in them.'s Don Banks has the Eagles 14th in his power rankings:

Give him credit, that Andy Reid is a survivor. He's not going anywhere, and most mere mortal coaches would have paid for the level of underachievement in Philly this year with their job. The Eagles have work to do this offseason, but it will again be the dean of NFL head coaches (in terms of continuous service) overseeing that work.

The Eagles are 17th in's power rankings. Writes NFC East blogger Dan Graziano:

If the Cowboys only fall one spot for losing their white-flag game, it stands to reason that the Eagles would only pick up one spot for winning it. My question is whether, if they beat the Redskins in their finale, the Eagles can actually finish above the Giants-Cowboys loser in the final Power Rankings next week. They would have the same record, after all.

Banks runs through the top 10 NFL stories of 2011. "The Dream Team wakes up belatedly" comes in at No. 7:

I'm sure Vince Young wishes he had that one back. No, not any particular pass he has thrown since arriving in Philadelphia this summer. You know, the label he tossed out there so cavalierly at his first Eagles press conference, the one that's been used to beat him and anything wearing green and white senseless all season long. To be sure (and a little bit snarky yet again), there have not been any Dream Teams playing in Philly this year. Once the lockout was over, the Eagles went on an acquisition frenzy, landing the likes of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, defensive end Cullen Jenkins, defensive end Jason Babin, cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, running back Ronnie Brown, ex-Giants receiver Steve Smith and Young. But all it won them was the underachievement of the year award, and a third-place 7-8 record with no chance to make the playoffs entering Week 17. The Eagles are finishing strong with three consecutive victories, but this wasn't how the story was supposed to go in 2011.

Ashley Fox of thinks the Eagles will be dangerous in 2012:

The talent is there. Whatever the reason for Philadelphia's dismal 3-6 start to this season -- the lockout, the new defensive coordinator, too many new faces, a lack of leadership, turnovers, the linebackers, the safeties, take your pick -- the Eagles still have an abundance of talent. They will be dangerous in 2012.

Brian Billick of has the Eagles 13th in his power rankings:

The rest of the NFC East should be thankful that the Eagles had such a horrendous start to the season. They are playing better than anyone in the division right now, and they are doing it with all three parts -- offense, defense and special teams. It will be an interesting offseason for the Eagles, but this team has all the pieces in place to make a Super Bowl run in 2012.

Pete Prisco of has the Eagles 17th:

Their late-season play is a tease to fans who expected more. It will also keep Andy Reid in as coach.

Elliot Harrison of has the Eagles 18th:

Michael Vick doesn't want the 2011 Eagles broken up, but that would be tough not to do. No one wanted Guns 'N' Roses to break up because they were good. The Eagles aren't really good. Despite a dominating 20-7 over a completely unmotivated Dallas team Saturday, it would be tough to qualify this Eagles group as quality. They've had a nice run over the past three weeks, but the taste of a 7-9 or 8-8 record for a team expected to win at least 11 games will be tough to swallow. Most people feel Juan Castillo will be first to go, but there exists far more blame to go around than that assigned to the first-year defensive coordinator.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has the Eagles 11th:

Well, at least the Dream Team will fulfill its goal of winning the last game it plays in the 2011 season.

Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports has the Eagles 14th in his power rankings.

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