The Eagles will visit the White House on June 5, coach Doug Pederson confirmed Tuesday. Pederson added that he'll let each player make an individual decision about whether to attend.

"Right now, June 5 is the day we're going to go," Pederson said. "Excited to be going, be honored as world champions. I think it's a great honor. We're still working through the logistics now so don't have all the details right now, but excited to be going. …It's [on] an individual basis. It's one of those things, we're working through a ton of things, but we understand it's an individual decision."

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Quarterback Carson Wentz is not planning to skip the visit as long as teammates go. Wentz understands some players make their decision about attending based on the politics of President Trump. Wentz does not view it as a political trip.

"For me, personally, if the team decides as a whole, most guys want to go or be a part of it, I'll be attending with them," Wentz said. "I think it's just a cool way to receive the honor nationally and be recognized. I don't personally view it – I know some people do; everyone has their opinion on it – I don't view it as a political thing whatsoever. I don't mess with politics very often. But I will be involved in going. The rest of the details will be coming out soon."

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