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Douglas used the word "finish" multiple times when discussing Barnett on Thursday. He was talking at the granular level of a scout - one of Barnett's greatest assets is his ability to maintain his speed and power as he closes on a quarterback after gaining a dominant position on a blocker - but the term could have fit a more abstract context as well. Our minds are susceptible to a recency bias, and given the amount of time a personnel staff can spend with a ground-level view of a player between the end of the college season and the start of the draft, it's only human that things like pro-day drills and combine workouts and in-person visits start to challenge three years of game action for preeminence. The schedule also allows for plenty of overthinking - idle minds and all - which can lead to a destructive micro-analysis that relegates to an afterthought the ends that a player has shown he can actually produce.