Remember that humorous little jab Rams running back Todd Gurley took at the Eagles last week?

He was asked why his team hadn't joined the NFL trend of rehearsed, and occasionally humorous, touchdown celebrations amid this season's more relaxed rules. Gurley's answer was a delight to old-schoolers everywhere.

Though the Rams have done some seemingly spontaneous dancing, teammate and wide receiver Sammy Watkins said that the time for more elaborate celebrating will be when the Rams make the playoffs. It's a noble sentiment, especially for a club that hasn't been to the postseason since 2004. The Rams come into Sunday's game against the visiting Eagles at a surprising 9-3.

Said Gurley: "We get in (the end zone) so much, we don't have to do it every time." Ouch.

While Gurley is tied (with New Orleans' Alvin Kamara) for the league lead with 11 touchdowns, the Rams as a team have scored fewer touchdowns than the 10-2 Eagles. Both clubs have a league-best 361 points, but the Rams have used terrific kicker Greg Zuerlein more often to reach their point total.

So whether you are a kid standing on the grass, or a curmudgeon yelling at the youngsters to get off your lawn, each team has had turnaround seasons and lots to celebrate. Here's how they've gotten to 361 points:

Eagles Rams
Points 361 361
   Points via touchdowns 252 216
   Points via FG 66 108
   Points via PAT 31 35
   Points via 2-pt. conversion 12 0
   Points via safety 0 2
Total TDs 42 36
Offensive TDs 38 31
   Rushing TDs 9 11
   Passing TDs 29 (all Wentz) 20 (all Goff)
Return/Defensive TDs *4 5
FGM-FTA 22-26 36-38
FG pct. 84.6 94.7
PAT M-Att. 31-35  35-36
PAT pct. 88.6 97.2
2-point conversions 6-7 (85.7 pct.) 0-0 
Safeties 0 1
Touchdown leaders
Agholor, 8 Gurley, 11
Ertz, 7 Watkins, 6
Jeffery, 7 Woods, 4

*Includes Nelson Agholor's recovery of Jay Ajayi's fumble in the end zone in Week 12.