Flyers Hall of Famer Ron Hextall has seen the fans on the West Coast from a different perspective, as a member of the Los Angeles Kings' front office.

Hextall hasn't been able to compare the hockey crowds between Philadelphia and LA yet - and he said it wouldn't be fair - because the Kings, in his 3-year tenure as an assistant general manager, have been uncrowned at the bottom of the standings.

"It's hard to compare baseball and hockey fans, especially here in Los Angeles," Hextall said from New York, where his Kings took on the Rangers last night. "That level is hard to achieve. And we haven't been a great team."

Still, Hextall was in Philly long enough - 11 years - to know that losing was not an option.

"I think that the fans [in LA] are a little more forgiving," Hextall said. "I say that with the utmost respect for Philly fans. They don't take losing lightly, especially with the Flyers. It's either win the Stanley Cup or it's an unsuccessful season. In LA, it's not like that."

Hextall was traveling for much of last year's National League Championship Series between the Phillies and Dodgers, but he could sense the intensity in Los Angeles before he left this week.

"There is some buzz for sure," he said. "The Dodgers have a long history there." *