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Gonzo: Roll out a second Flyers bandwagon

While wondering whether the Flyers can complete their improbable run, it's time to empty out the mailbag . . .

While wondering whether the Flyers can complete their improbable run, it's time to empty out the mailbag . . .

My girlfriend just got back from Modell's in Center City and said [everyone] was in the store buying up [Flyers] stuff.  Awesome.  Let all the bandwagoners on. Buy another wagon if we need it.  This one is already pretty cramped.

- Frank

Agreed. Some fans get upset when people are late to the party or end up crashing the event. That sort of attitude ruins everyone's good time - including those who showed up early. The Flyers have treated the city to quite a bash, and it's not over yet. People should relax and enjoy the scene. (I think I saw Ed Snider in the other room with a plate of pigs in a blanket. Help yourself.)

Re: Another bandwagon. That's a fine idea. This one, as you noted, is cramped - and it's getting ripe in here.

Please forward this to Rick Reilly:

Dear Mr. Reilly,

I apologize for not being good enough as a fan. I didn't care enough. I didn't root hard enough. I failed to consult you as to how I could be better. As a result, the Eagles haven't won a Super Bowl, none of the players have a ring with an engraved Eagles logo, Donovan McNabb's feelings are hurt, and you are offended. Please accept this idiotic apology.

  - A Woefully Ungrateful
Eagles Fan


You forgot to apologize for what Reilly seems to believe was the city's greatest sin against McNabb: failing to get the quarterback a top-flight receiver before or after T.O. If you thought that was the Eagles' responsibility, you were clearly wrong.

In the future, a percentage of your income will be debited from your paycheck to ensure this never happens again. As penance, hit yourself over the head a few hundred times with a rolled-up copy of Reilly's column.

[Gov.] Rendell was vehemently opposed to [drafting Donovan] McNabb in the first place. He campaigned for Ricky Williams. He is a fraud and a hypocrite. Oh wait, he is a politician. Sorry for being redundant.

- Bobby B

Bobby B,

The governor wasn't alone in wanting the Eagles to draft Williams, nor was he alone when he realized the Eagles made the right choice by taking McNabb instead. That doesn't make him a hypocrite, that makes him honest. Honest and foolish. Forget that he's a politician; when you're an Eagles fan, there's no acceptable explanation for saying you'll root for McNabb and the Redskins in the playoffs.

Say hello to Whitney H. for me, Bobby B.

The comment about Rendell "defecting to Jersey" was cheap and stupid. I'd hope you'd be above making such inane comments like that.

- Franklin


It was a joke. I was just teasing my friends in Jersey. No harm meant. As for being "above" it, you haven't been paying attention. In the future, expect me to be "below" most things. You won't be disappointed that way.

We do not want Rendell defecting to Jersey. It's bad enough we get him part-time at his Shore house.

- John (Brigantine)


That's bad news for the Gov. I thought for sure Jersey would offer him political asylum after the McNabb/Washington remark. Maybe he can hole up in Delaware for a while. It's closer to D.C., and there's no tax on Redskins gear.

Congradulations! [Sic] Absolutely one of stupidest articles on the Eagles I've ever read, if not the stupidest. I have been an Eagles fan for longer than you are old. And, no, I'm not an old, senile man - 3 degrees, an IQ of 152, a high 6-figure income AND a huge sports fan.

- Steve F


IQ points aren't what they used to be. You misspelled "congratulations." Wonder if that will get you booted out of Mensa.

But, hey, don't sweat it. You're still rich. And humble.

Sixers Trade 2d Pick For Rights to Adrian Dantley. For more, go to freakin'idiots@NBA.disorg

- Eddie


Why do I get the feeling that you don't trust the Sixers' front office to make the right move? Perhaps next time you'll just say what you're thinking instead of being so devilishly subtle.

What's bugging [me]? Seeing Rick Tocchet as a studio analyst during the hockey playoffs. The guy pleaded guilty to conspiracy [to promote gambling] and promoting gambling.

All this moral high-ground stuff in the other sports and Tock gets rewarded with an analyst's gig by [Ed] Snider? Where's the justice? Where's the outrage? 

- JB

I don't think Snider is awarding anyone with an analyst's job. I could be wrong, but that's probably below his pay grade. You make an interesting point, though: People seem to have forgotten the legal troubles Tocchet had in the past. Maybe that's because he was a beloved player during his time in town. Or maybe people just don't care. Personally, I'm willing to give him a second chance. We all deserved one, JB.

Bets ... I mean best,