Players to watch

FLYERS: Forward Danny Briere. When he's scoring, the Flyers are winning, and he has a long history of scoring in the playoffs. In the 10-3 loss in Game 4, he had one assist and was a minus-4. The Flyers probably need some firepower to win Game 5.

PENGUINS: Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. Is Fleury back on his game? He looked sharp in the last two periods of Game 4. He has been a winner - his name is engraved on the Stanley Cup from when the Pens beat the defending champion Red Wings in Game 7 in Detroit in 2009. So he knows what pressure is. A strong goaltending performance - something this series hasn't seen - can steal a game. What a concept.

Three keys to the game


Momentum. Do the Penguins now have it? If so, they will be further fueled by a revved-up home crowd. Momentum in baseball can end after one game with a strong starting pitcher. In an emotional and physical sport like hockey, it can roll from one game to the next. It's why teams try to send physical messages in games that have been decided.


The penalty box. The Flyers took way too many penalties in a closely called Game 4. Staying out of the box can curtail Pittsburgh surges. Playing the game straight up has favored the Flyers.


Flyers goaltenders. Ilya Bryzgalov gave up five goals in Game 4, as did backup Sergei Bobrovsky. The Russian Roulette(s) are going to have to play well and hold off what is expected to be a big start from the Penguins.

- Chuck Bausman