Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov's musings about the universe are well-documented after HBO's 24/7 aired leading up to the 2012 Winter Classic. He stole the show with his thoughts on the "Humongous Big" world in which we live. But did Bryzgalov display enough expertise to be dubbed, "Mr. Universe"?

According to Apple's Siri, that is the case.

But it goes even further. Not only is Bryzgalov, "Mr. Universe," but Siri also believes that he is the universe itself. Her logic is quickly exposed as flawed, however, as Siri acknowledges that the universe - or Bryzgalov - is only 32 years old.

Siri holds many of the answers to life's big questions, and when it comes to questions about the universe, even she doesn't have as many answers as Bryz. Therefore, she has christened Bryzgalov, "Mr. Universe."

Go ahead and ask her.

Who knew that Siri was a Flyers/History Channel fan?

(Photoshop by Matt Mullin)