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Just imagine how successful you can be

Bernie Parent
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Education is a beautiful tool to have, but imagination represents the term "the sky is the limit." Every invention in this world was created from an idea, cultivated from someone's imagination.

Innovative imagination from the Wright brothers has allowed us to advance to a more efficient means of travel with airplanes.

Henry Ford, with his invention of cars, had the equivalency of a second grade education, but he has created one of the biggest industries in the world, and it all started from an idea and a vision. When the shareholders wanted to remove Henry Ford's title as Chairman of the Board because he didn't have the "proper" education, his response was to prove that he surrounded himself with educated people to supplement his lack of it. In Ford's case, he had the means to surround himself with educated people to be able to keep his mind focused on his imagination and innovation.

Of course, education has to supplement the imagination in order to achieve the final goal. There has to be a defined mixture of both education and imagination. Education without imagination and vice versa is useless.

If you lack in education, be sure to surround yourself with a great creative team. Or, seek educated people to supplement your creative ability, and either way, you begin to prosper. But the beauty about the imagination is that it has the ability to generate happiness.

For example, I'm driving in the car and I hear some good songs playing. I imagine myself on the stage, singing in front of 100,000 people and experiencing something beautiful. I smile.

This is a very interesting message, especially right now. The month of May is full of new graduates emerging into the working world, and they are faced with some issues and thinking, "Where do I go from here?"

You have to imagine and dream about where you want to be. Envision it, plan it, and cultivate it. If you are unhappy with your current position, come home, sit in your backyard, close your eyes, and use your imagination to shape where you want to be.

Everyone has issues, but once you begin using your imagination, you'll find yourself above all of the stresses of daily life and moving toward a happier existence.

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