An Ottawa police officer said Wednesday he does not expect Flyers captain Claude Giroux to face any charges after a bizarre incident Tuesday night. Giroux spent the night in an Ottawa jail cell, according to the Ottawa Sun.

The Sun reported that Giroux was arrested for repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer at an Ottawa bar, and it said alcohol was believed to be involved. The newspaper said that the police officer warned Giroux to stop and that the star center did it again and was arrested.

A police source confirmed that Giroux was released Wednesday morning and that no one else was arrested in the incident.

"Under Canadian law, I cannot give out any information unless charges are made," said Marc Soucy, an Ottawa police officer and spokesman, "and we do not expect the police to make any charges."

Soucy said he is a die-hard fan of the Ottawa Senators.

"I'm hoping after this story, they trade him to the Sens," he kidded about an incident that triggered a flood of jokes on the Internet.

No fine was assessed, said Chuck Benoit, another Ottawa police officer. He said a fine starting at $110 could have been imposed.

"We are aware of the reports surrounding Claude Giroux," said Flyers general manager Ron Hextall. "Until we have more information, we will withhold making any further comment."

Giroux, 26, an Ottawa resident in the offseason and a native of Hearst, Ontario, did not return text messages about the matter.

The player and friends were celebrating Canada Day at the Great Canadian Cabin in the Byward Market club district.

Last August, Giroux was golfing in Ottawa when he suffered an injury that required surgery on his right index finger. Giroux suffered tendon damage when his golf club shattered and splintered into his finger.

Giroux's injury contributed to a slow start in 2013-14, but he recovered and finished third in the NHL with 86 points.