The end of the 3-2 loss suffered by the U.S. women's hockey team to Canada turned into some international aggression, as a U.S. player ran into Canada's goalie and set off a series of  violence.

The rivalry between the two teams isn't new, going back as far as 1990, when Canada defeated the U.S. after outscoring opponents 50-1 to reach the Olympic finals. Blood has been boiling since, with Canadian writer Donna Spencer admitting, "They'll punch each other if they think they can get away with it."

Nobody really cared if they were getting away with it on Saturday, when the ladies dropped the formalities and addressed their differences with the fairly less subtle method of "fists" and "slamming your face into the ice."

Hopefully, you're not sick of scenes like this because this was only the first of six exhibition games between these two before heading to the Olympics in Sochi.