The NJSIAA has accused the Sacred Heart baseball program of committing violations, including paying part of a student's tuition and holding out-of-season workouts.

Sacred Heart assistant athletic director Steve Tucker said Thursday that his school is looking forward to answering the allegations. He said that no date has been set, but he estimates that the school will meet with the NJSIAA around June 7.

"We welcome the opportunity to disprove these allegations when we meet with the NJSIAA executive directors," Tucker said. "We feel we will be exonerated."

Sacred Heart baseball coach John Triantos is accused of paying $250 toward the tuition of former student Andrew Biggs, who transferred to Millville after practicing with the team during the first week of March, according to Tucker.

Rose Correa, whose son Sergio is a freshman at Sacred Heart and competed on the junior varsity, accused the baseball program of running off-season workouts.

Sanctions could be wide-ranging, from probation to suspensions to forfeiting games and fines.

Tucker wouldn't speak specifically about the allegations but said, "We are confident that Sacred Heart abided by all of the NJSIAA rules."