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Football and family one and the same for Williamstown's Chamberlins

In order for any sports team to function as a cohesive unit, a level of trust must be established among all players on the team.

In order for any sports team to function as a cohesive unit, a level of trust must be established among all players on the team.

Two offensive linemen for the Williamstown football team have had plenty of practice depending on one another. The Chamberlin brothers - Nick and Jake - have had a lifetime of experience playing together.

"There's always times when you play bad in the game, but we've played with each other, we've seen our best and worst," said Nick, a senior. "We have faith in each other as football players. I'd rather be next to him than anyone else on the team."

As they enter the South Jersey Group 5 final against Toms River North on Saturday at Rowan, it's clear that their trust in each another has brought them success. They plan to use their unspoken communication on the field to bring the Braves a championship.

"We are really close, we have a connection on the field," said Jake, a junior. "We know what each other [is] doing on the field, he knows what I'm doing, I know what he's doing, that's how we're successful."

Head coach Frank Fucetola said the brothers have made a big impact on the team and are an invaluable asset.

"I think when you play next to each other for two years, and the left-hand side knows what the right-hand side is doing, it's pretty consistent," said Fucetola.

For the Chamberlins, family and football are intertwined. The brothers began playing for the Braves in 2013 alongside their older brother, John, who was a senior running back at the time. The family within a team setting allowed the brothers to learn from one another.

"I just do the right thing, I've had a good example with my brother John, he always worked hard and pushed himself," Nick said. "I do the same thing, push myself in practice and work hard, try to be a good person."

While playing with family could cause sibling rivalries, the Chamberlins use it to their advantage. They watch film at home to critique where the other needs help and put in extra workouts together.

The benefit of having a teammate as a family member has certainly paid off in the Chamberlins' performance this season.

"I don't have to worry about if I pick up someone else - Jake will pick up my guy," Nick said. "It just comes naturally because we've spent so much time working together."

The pair hopes to end their final game in Braves jerseys with a state title, bringing a positive conclusion to their time together.

"The two boys are going to make quite an impact. We will be leaning on their shoulders," said Fucetola.