NOT SURE HOW many kids care for chemistry, but it's going to decide the Public League basketball championship.

Not the kind of chemistry that comes before math or after history. We mean the not-completely-tangible kind that every team, hopefully, finds a way to achieve.

Almost every strong team in the Pub features some to many to an outrageous number of transfers - BIG surprise, right? - and it'll be interesting to see how holdovers react to newcomers. Maybe the mindset will be all for one, one for all? Or perhaps a guy or three will keep muttering, "Heck with these new dudes. They're takin' my light."

With not enough balls to go around, and with seven-eight players expecting to star, one Pub power experienced major internal problems last season.

The league has retained the divisions-based-on-talent-level formula so look to A to produce the overall champion.

Math, Civics & Sciences Charter boasts three D-I signees in frontcourters Jeremiah "Lump" Worthem (Robert Morris) and Quadir Welton (Saint Peter's) and guard Britton Lee (also Robert Morris). Lee and Shafeek Taylor are transfers from Roman Catholic while another member of the savvy seven, Louis Myers, strolled in from Southern.

Imhotep Charter has Providence-bound guard Brandon Austin, banger Nigel Grant and another quality guard in Deryl Bagwell, once a Panther and back again after a quality junior season at Northeast.

The three-headed charter monster also features Philadelphia Electrical & Technology, which is headlined by 6-9 Jai Williams (Saint Joseph's) and a pair of guards, Hakeem Baxter and Steven Griffin (formerly of Father Judge).

Imhotep and PET are Class AAA schools while MC & S is A. The latter's best push should come from Roberts Vaux, which boasts superguard Rysheed Jordan. Three of his top playmates also rode the transfer winds.

There appears to be no favorite among the AA schools.

Though John Bartram and Frankford are in the strongest division, there are rumblings that Martin Luther King, in Division C, is primed to make noise among the AAAA schools.

The Cougars' new coach, Sean Colson, a Franklin Learning Center product, played briefly in the NBA. Once the word got around that he'd be guiding King, players arrived from everywhere.

The league has shrunk from 66 teams ALLLL the way down to 65. FitzSimons closed and Hope Charter dropped its team while Maritime Charter decided to row, row, row its basketball boat into the Pub.

Aside from Colson, these are the new coaches: RJ McDaniel, Boys' Latin; William McKant III, Douglas; *-Joe Gifford, Edison; Chris Lauber, Franklin Towne; James Washington, Maritime; Terrence "Nip" Cook, Mastery North; Antoine Joseph, Mastery South; Ira Stern, Northeast; *Tim Castanza, Palumbo; Walt Stepnowski, Parkway Northwest; *Jeff McKenna, Roxborough; Cliff Breese, Rush; *Doreen Coleman, Southern; Kevin Lockett, Swenson; Lorrel McCook, University City; *John Creighton, Washington.

Those with asterisks were head coaches at other Pub schools.

The most "famous" newcomer aside from Colson? We'll go with Cook. In January 1998, he totaled 20 points and five assists as Murrell Dobbins Tech stunned Simon Gratz, 54-46, thus ending the Bulldogs' amazing run of 107 consecutive Pub regular-season wins.





Coach:R.J. McDaniel, 1st year. Education: Leavenworth (Kan.), Kanaas. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 8-3, 25-7.

Savvy seven: Yahmir Greenlee, 5-8, G; Eric Lark, 6-4, F; Charles Presley, 5-10, G; Eddie Powell, 6-3, G; Pasquale Dimascio, 6-3, F; Mark Pierson, 6-6, C; Ismael Kagone, 6-3, F.

McDaniel's comment: "Not much is expected of the team this season, but they will surprise some people with how good they will be."


Coach:Lou Biester, 8th year (also Bartram, 1990, last nine games of season; Bartram, 2000-05). Education: Bonner, Christian Brothers University (Tenn.). Career: 280-76; 156-39 at CT.

Last year: 5-6, 20-10.

Savvy seven: Terrence Brown, 6-3, F; David Johnson, 5-11, G; Hyking Brisbon, 6-5, F; Samir Doughty, 6-3, G; Briheam Anthony, 6-3, F; Kevin Brown, 6-foot, G; Keith Griffin, 6-foot, F.

Biester's comment: "We plan to show up at every game."


Coach:Rob Moore, 4th year. Education: Bodine, Temple. Career: 68-22.

Last year: 8-3, 23-9.

Savvy seven: Ahmad Gilbert, 6-4, F; Akeem King, 6-foot, G; Kimar Williams, 5-10, G; Haneef Vaughn, 6-foot, G; Raheem Liggins, 6-5, F; Lincoln Kpokuyou, 5-9, G; Tymir Watson, 6-foot, G.

Moore's comment: "We can be as successful as last year with hard work and effort until the end of March."


Coach:Jason Harrigan, 3rd year. Education: Burlington City (N.J.), Florida A&M. Career: 25-22.

Last year: 9-4, 14-12.

Savvy seven: Hassan Young, 6-6, C; Darius Wallace, 6-3, F; Clayton "CJ" Wolfe, 6-foot, G; Malik Smith, 5-10, G; Jahmir Taylor, 6-7, F; James Edwards, 6-4, F; Antwan Scriven, 6-6, F-C.

Harrigan's comment: "In this division every game will be tough. We must remain competitive while continuing to establish a culture of excellence on and off the court."


Coach:Dave Huzzard, 3rd year. Education: Owen J. Roberts, Kutztown. Career: 28-19.

Last year: 3-8, 8-13.

Savvy seven: Donald Robinson, 6-4, F; Shaquil Rone, 6-3, F; Tyree Tucker, 6-2, G; Denzel Turbeville, 6-4, F; Rob Simmons, 6-6, C; Joe Ricketts, 6-foot, G; Sterling Walker, 5-8, G.

Huzzard's comment: "Plenty of big eaters, but can the kitchen help keep the plates full?"


Coach:Andre Noble, 9th year. Education: Boston Latin (Mass.), Lincoln. Career: 187-46.

Last year: 10-1, 22-8.

Savvy seven: Brandon Austin, 6-7, G; Nigel Grant, 6-6, F; Abraham Massaley, 5-11, G; Jalil Myers, 6-6, F; Deryl Bagwell, 6-1, G; Basil Thompson, 6-6, F; Jakwan Jones, 5-11, G.

Noble's comment: "Deep team. Must play with toughness if we are going to be special."


Coach:James Brown, 7th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1995, '98-99; West Philadelphia, '96-97). Education: Overbrook, West Chester. Career: 131-115; 99-62 at Bartram.

Last year: 3-8, 12-16.

Savvy seven: Terrieck Williams, 6-1, G; Malik Noel, 6-foot, G; Gerald Evariste, 6-5, F-C; James Suber, 6-5, F; Khayri Washington, 6-1, G; Raul McIlwain, 6-1, G; Damontay Thomas, 6-2, G-F.

Brown's comment: "We have the recipe and the ingredients. Can't wait to see how it turns out."


Coach:Dan Jackson, 7th year. Education: MC&S, Saint Joseph's. Career: 120-51.

Last year: 7-4, 19-10.

Savvy seven: Jeremiah "Lump" Worthem, 6-7, G-F; Quadir Welton, 6-8, F; Jeffon Powell, 6-6, F; Shafeek Taylor, 6-4, G; Britton Lee, 5-11, G; Malik Starkes, 6-4, G; Louis Myers, 6-3, G.

Jackson's comment: "Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the me for we."


Coach:James "Flame" Lewis, 5th year. Education: Roman, Temple. Career: 62-39.

Last year: 8-3, 16-11.

Savvy seven: Jai Williams, 6-9, F-C; Hakeem Baxter, 6-2, G; Marquese Daniels, 5-10, G; Juwan Womack, 6-3, G-F; Mike Cooper, 6-6, F-C; Steven Griffin, 6-foot, G; Dyshon Pack, 6-5, G-F.

Lewis' comment: "We have a tough early schedule, which should put us into the position where we need to be at the end of the season."


Coach:Rahim Washington, 2nd year; Education: Overbrook, Neumann. Career: 6-16.

Last year: 4-7, 6-16.

Savvy seven: Rahim Washington, 5-6, G; Brandon Brown, 5-7, G; Marques Jackson, 6-5, F; Mustapha Treore, 6-8, F; Lykeem Laws, 6-3, F; Amari Moulton, 6-1, G; Mike Liggins, 6-5, F.

Washington's comment: "Young and very inexperienced team, but through hard work, heart and determination we should make some noise."


Coach:Jamie Ross, 3rd year; Education: Frankford, Eastern Kentucky. Career: 34-19.

Last year: 7-4, 15-11.

Savvy seven: Rysheed Jordan, 6-4, G; Daron Johnson, 6-foot, G; Sammy Foreman, 6-foot, G; Lester Mattox, 6-2, G-F; Trayvond Massenburg, 6-8, F-C; Amir Butler, 6-2, G-F; Keith Fletcher, 6-6, F.

Ross' comment: "This team will go as far as our defense takes us."


Coach:Lorrel McCook, 1st year. Education: University City, Gwynedd-Mercy. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 9-4, 13-9.

Savvy seven: Davon Wise, 6-3, C; Quahdire Gordon, 6-1 F; Idriys Muhammad, 5-10, F; Devonte Williams, 5-8, G; Anthony Williams, 5-6, G; Arthur Benson, 5-6, G; Anton Robinson, 5-9, F.

McCook's comment: "We are going to surprise a lot of people."



Coach:C.M. Brown, 32nd year. Education: Central, West Chester. Career: 389-273.

Last year: 12-1, 21-2.

Savvy seven: Frank Azondekon, 6-3, F; Papaa Dembele, 6-3, F; Omari Franklin, 6-3, F; Shaquan Frazier, 5-9, G; Johnathan Hall, 6-6, F-C; David Snead, 6-4, F; Shakore Taylor, 6-foot, G.

Brown's comment: "We need a lot more hard work in practice."


Coach:Steve Kikendall, 4th year (also Franklin, 2000; Bodine, 2005-09). Education: Liberty (N.Y.), Philadelphia Bible. Career:105-95; 27-36 at Esperanza.

Last year: 11-2, 13-10.

Savvy seven: Stanley Whittaker, 5-10, G; Lamere Jones, 6-3, G; Brandon Adams, 6-4, G; Alwell Agbara, 6-5, C; Bobby Berdecia, 6-1, G-F; Warren Chance, 5-9, G; Marquis White, 6-4, C.

Kikendall's comment: "Strong, athletic team with little varsity experience."


Coach:Leonard Poole, 4th year (also Phila. Regional, 1997; Gratz, 2003-08); Education: Gratz, East Stroudsburg. Career: 166-88; 32-33 at FLC.

Last year: 7-6, 10-10.

Savvy seven: Troy Steed, 6-4, F; Deion Boyer, 5-9, G; Kahmar Keyes, 6-1, G; Ja'Cory Livingston, 6-5, F-C; Niasir Smith, 6-4, F; Che Perry, 5-10, G; Josh Miles, 6-3, G-F.

Poole's comment: "Young, plus lots of new people. Will play hard."


Coach:John Brown, 4th year. Education: Overbrook, Strayer. Career: 34-32.

Last year: 7-6, 11-12.

Savvy seven: Brian Williams, 5-9, G; Shahid Adams, 6-2, G; Jahyde Gardiner, 6-5, G-F; Jahmir Burton, 5-10, G; Darnell Preston, 5-9, G; Thomas Spruill, 5-11, G; Jamir Poindexter, 6-2, F-C.

Brown's comment: "It all comes down to defense and guard play and how quickly this group grows into its identity and level of maturity needed for success."


Coach:John Creighton, 1st year (also Rush, 2011-12); Education: Northeast, East Stroudsburg. Career: 3-26.

Last year: 5-8, 10-13.

Savvy seven: Kendale Truitt, 6-3, G; Nafece Edwards, 6-4, G; Wanye Ferguson, 6-4, F; Rasheed Black, 6-4, F; Devante Truitt, 6-1, G; Khyree Hunt-Hawkins, 6-foot, G; Jaleel Moses, 6-3, F.

Creighton's comment: "Being good isn't enough. We want to be great!"


Coach:William Johnson, 5th year. Education: Pemberton (N.J.), Rowan (N.J.). Career: 43-47.

Last year: 6-7, 9-13.

Savvy seven: Marquell Tate, 6-1, G; Dequan Jackson, 6-4, G-F; Andre Cannedy, 6-foot, G; Wanya Barren, 6-2, F; Devonte Laws, 6-1, G; Tyron Robeson, 6-4, F; Robert Edwards, 6-3, F.

Johnson's comment: "We will compete in every game."


Coach:Rob Powlen, 8th year; Education: Crefield, Philadelphia Textile. Career: 87-62.

Last year: 9-4, 14-10.

Savvy seven: LeRon Epps, 5-9, G; L.J. Crenshaw, 6-1, G; Jelani Mauge, 6-2, G-F; Gus Sephes, 5-11, G; Jihaad Fluellen, 6-2, F; Jahir Lee, 5-8, G; Maurice Smith, 6-1, F.

Powlen's comment: "We are very young, small and inexperienced. Hope to improve and get taller (the freshmen) as the season progresses."


Coach:Mark Heimerdinger, 4th year (also Dougherty, 1983-09). Education: Ryan, Slippery Rock. Career: 467-315; 39-28 at Fels.

Last year: 9-4, 18-9.

Savvy seven: Danil Mateo, 5-9, G; Chris Gee-Allen, 5-10, G; James Cottrell, 6-5, F; Mike Turnage, 5-8, G; Berny Vilsaint, 6-1, F; Terrell Mason, 6-3, F; Hakeem Harper, 5-7, G.

Heimerdinger's comment: "Looking to replace four starters with players who attended Fels last year but did not play JV or varsity basketball."


Coach:Isaiah Thomas, 3rd year. Education: Frankford, Penn State. Career: 21-23.

Last year: 10-2, 16-7.

Savvy seven: James Jefferson, 6-4, F; Anthony Wright-Downing, 6-2, G-F; Juwan Milliner, 6-3, G-F; Shavoy Murray, 5-8, G; Shyheim Ladson, 5-10, G; Dache Talbert, 5-8, G; Tydeus Ellison, 5-10, G.

Thomas' comment: "I'm so proud of our seniors as this is Sankofa's first graduating class. Our success depends on the leadership of the seniors."


Coach:Aron Cohen, 2nd year; Education: Abington Friends, Penn. Career: 3-15.

Last year: 1-10, 3-15.

Savvy seven: Fulani Freeman, 6-5, F-C; Kendal Haines, 6-3, G-F; Donte Winfield, 5-11, G-F; Dashante "DJ" Alexander, 5-11, G; Demetrius Badger, 6-5, F-C; Malik Tyndale, 5-8, G; Shaakir Gibbs, 6-2, G-F.

Cohen's comment: "We have a small but scrappy team that works hard every day in the classroom and on the court. With a few new transfers we should be very competitive in our division."


Coach:Doreen Coleman, 1st year (also Furness, 2008, 2011); Education: Bartram, West Chester. Career: 6-24.

Last year: 2-9, 4-16.

Savvy seven: Wayne Brunson, 6-foot, G; Tyriek Gilliard, 6-4, C; Edwin Harris, 6-4, C; Jamir Lomax, 6-1, F; Daiquan Means, 6-1, F; Yusef Ross, 6-foot, G; Ralik Wise, 6-4, F.

Coleman's comment: "Anticipating a great season!"


Coach:Matthew "Moo" Johnson, 3rd year. Education: Mansion, Gwynedd-Mercy. Career: 15-25.

Last year: 7-6, 8-14.

Savvy seven: Donovan Barnes, 5-9, G; Raekwon Dial, 5-9, G; Brandon Jiles, 6-foot, G; Chris Russell, 6-foot, G-F; Jamaal Wright, 6-1, F; Marcquis Graham, 6-2, F; Maliek Franklin, 6-foot, G.

Johnson's comment: "Although experience is at a minimum, with this great group of listeners I expect us to grow as the season goes along."


Coach:Jermaine Snell, 2nd year (also Olney, 2011); Education: Mastbaum, Temple. Career: 17-24; 10-12 at West.

Last year: 6-7, 10-12.

Savvy seven: Joseph White, 5-10, G; Jaleel Parlin, 5-10, G; Syheem Baltimore, 6-1, F; Lamar Strand, 5-5, G; Nasir Marshburn, 6-3, F; Jabbar Shy, 5-8, G; Lavelle Harper, 5-10, G.

Snell's comment: "Young and inexperienced team that I hope continues to work hard and get better. We will only win, or be in, games in which we defend well."



Coach:Al Brown, 3rd year; Education: Northeast, Maryland Eastern Shore. Career: 13-23.

Last year: 4-9, 4-15.

Savvy seven: Adonis Rosario, 6-3, F-C; Anthony Caruso, 5-9, G; Raymond Fred, 5-11, G; Blair Bowes, 5-10, G; Savion Parks, 5-11, G; Justin Carlson, 5-8, G; Khalil Outen, 6-foot, F.

Brown's comment: "Let the games begin!"


Coach:Wali Smith, 2nd year; Education: West Phila., Winston-Salem. Career: 7-11.

Last year: 4-9, 7-11.

Savvy seven: Qaadir Nock, 5-10, G; Kylil Harris, 6-1, G; Thomas "TJ" Thompkins, 5-11, F; Jmeer Johnson, 5-11, G; Kerry Scott, 6-4, C; Tyrese Allen, 5-6, G; Lynelle Flowers, 5-6, G.

Smith's comment: "We're going to pressure teams all game and go with the leadership of our main scorer, Qaadir Nock."


Coach:Larry Gainey, 12th year (also Parkway, 1999-2000); Education: Bartram, Delaware State. Career: 169-127; 156-108 at Franklin.

Last year: 7-6, 12-11.

Savvy seven: Jarrett Bryant, 6-3, F-C; Kevin Tilley, 5-10, G; Emmanuel Young, 6-5, F-C; Synquel Cottman, 6-foot, G; Anthony Darden, 5-11, G; Bycil Elliot, 6-4, F-C; Amir Crippen, 5-11, G.

Gainey's comment: "Looking forward to a positive, productive season."


Coach:Haviland Harper, 15th year (also Parkway, 1982-98). Education: Central, George Washington. Career: 335-368; 170-169 at Central.

Last year: 7-6, 11-12.

Savvy seven: Kyle Lafferty, 6-1, G; Christopher Bing, 6-5, F-C; Romario Dorlus, 6-2, F; Kadin Marshall, 6-foot, G; Gregory Holdsman, 6-1, G; Kahlil Williams, 6-2, F-C; Chace McCall, 6-3, G-F.

Harper's comment: "I am excited about this team. We are better than last year. If we handle pressure well and defend, we will go far."


Coach:Greg Frangipani, 2nd year. Education: Eustace (N.J.), Temple. Career: 12-4.

Last year: 11-1, 12-4.

Savvy seven: Deonte' West, 6-3, F-C; Rasul Jackson, 6-1, G; Rashir Cromwell, 6-1, G; TaJuan Curtis, 6-2, G; Stephan Jones, 6-2, G-F; Zaheer Hassan, 6-foot, G; Antoine Whitney, 6-foot, G.

Frangipani's comment: "We're small, but quick and willing to work hard. We'll compete."


Coach:Matt Wahl, 4th year. Education: La Salle, La Salle. Career: 29-31.

Last year: 1-12, 2-14.

Savvy seven: Imir Bailey, 6-3, F; Salil Hunter, 6-1, G; Naeem Coleman, 6-foot, G; Paul Gunter-Scott, 5-9, G; Malcolm Jenkins, 6-foot, G; Alpha Togba, 6-1, F; Quinzell Walker, 6-1, F.

Wahl's comment: "We have a good mix of older and younger players who will outhustle everyone."


Coach:John Gannon, 22nd year (20th in PL). Education: Neumann, Penn State. Career: 190-207 (not in PL in '94; 3-3 record).

Last year: 8-5, 13-10.

Savvy seven: Gary Bryant, 6-1, G; Jack Christmas, 6-5, C; Terrell Skipper, 5-10, G; Malcolm Carrington, 6-3, F; Mike Sturdivant, 5-11, G; Harry Taggart, 5-11, F; Lamont Fox, 5-10, G.

Gannon's comment: "If we can avoid senioritis, we should be in for an interesting year."


Coach:Sean Colson, 1st year; Education: Franklin LC, UNC-Charlotte. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 12-1, 18-5.

Savvy seven: Fa'Teem Glenn, 5-9, G; Gregory Bennett, 6-3, G; William Leak, 6-3, F; Raquan Brown-Johnson, 6-5, G; Shakoor Woodson, 6-2, G; C-Ron Jennings, 6-5, F; Brandon McNair, 6-5, F.

Colson's comment: "Whoever we play, we're coming to win!"


Coach:Terrence "Nip" Cook, 1st year; Education: Dobbins, Delaware State. Career: 0-0 .

Last year: 6-7, 13-9.

Savvy seven: Michael Foster, 6-3, F; Maxwell Sharpe, 6-6, C; John Washington, 5-11, G; Nasir Harris, 6-foot, G; David Howard-Dean, 6-2, F; Rodney Ross, 6-foot, G; Jeremiah Todd, 5-10, G.

Cook's comment: "We will become a good team, when we learn to play together."


Coach:Ira Stern, 1st year; Education: Northeast, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 7-6, 10-9.

Savvy seven: Daquan Bohannan, 5-10, G; Gregory Mickens, 6-3, G; Tony Nayan, 5-11, G-F; William Okrafo-Smart, 6-3, F-C; Kyree Simpson, 6-foot, G-F; Elmange Watson, 5-11, G; DeAndre Williams, 5-10, G.

Stern's comment: "We're using fullcourt man-to-man. The kids are buying in. If they continue to hustle and put out, we're going to make noise in Division C."


Coach:Ron Brown, 2nd year (also Mastery North, 2009-11); Education: Mastbaum, Delaware State. Career: 44-45; 13-10 at Olney.

Last year: 7-6, 13-10.

Savvy seven: Charles Brown, 5-10, G; Paulil Campbell, 6-5, C; Stanley Elie, 6-foot, G; Ricardo Ferreira, 6-foot, F; Tyheim Monroe, 6-4, F; Derek Parker, 5-11, G-F; Shakeem Stevens, 6-foot, G.

Brown's comment: "We will go as far as our defense and rebounding take us."


Coach:Tina Wiggins, 2nd year (also Furness, 2009-10; Audenried, 2011). Education: Bartram, East Stroudsburg. Career: 34-33; 8-11 at 'Brook.

Last year: 6-7, 8-11.

Savvy seven: Raymond Mills, 5-10, G; Kareem Coley, 6-1, F; Terrance Hayes, 6-2, F; Kevin Wallace, 6-foot, G; Daniel Hunter, 6-3, F-C; Montrell Freeman, 5-9, G; Tyreek Cade, 6-1, F.

Wiggins' comment: "We are building on what we started last year, both offensively and defensively."


Coach:Jeff McKenna, 1st year (also Olney, 2005 & 2007-10); Education: North Penn, Kutztown. Career: 47-55.

Last year: 11-1, 15-3.

Savvy seven: Tony Brown, 6-1, F; Austin Daniels, 5-9, G; Edward Davis, 6-4, F; Matthew Harris, 6-6, C; Romello Holland, 6-2, G; Isaiah "Ice" King, 5-9, G; Walter Smith, 5-8, G.

McKenna's comment: "We need to learn how to control/value the basketball and must outwork our opponents to be successful."



Coach:Kevin Lockett, 1st year; Education: Tennent, East Stroudsburg. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 8-4, 15-5.

Savvy seven: Dervin Buckery, 5-7, G-F; Mohammed Hammoudeh, 6-1, C; Andrew Ingram, 5-10, F; Naykwon Phillips, 5-10, G; Clarence Brunot, 6-foot, G-F; D'Andre Parmley, 6-2, G-F; Coley Eleazer, 6-1, F-C.

Lockett's comment: "Only two seniors. Younger players will get a great deal of court time and experience. Tough defense, hard work and a balanced offense will be our keys."


Coach:Michael Moore, 5th year. Education: Dobbins, Temple (current student). Career: 23-37.

Last year: 4-8, 5-9.

Savvy seven: Deontae Richardson, 6-foot, G; Maurice Stricklan, 5-10, G-F; Patrick Upchurch, 5-11, F; Nasir Allen, 6-2, F-C; Dishon Solomon, 6-1, F-C; Tyrick Meredith, 5-6, G; Jamel Crawford, 6-foot, F.

Moore's comment: "New season, new players, new start . . . The best is yet to come!!!"


Coach:Chris Lauber, 1st year; Education: Ridley, Chestnut Hill. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 2-10, 4-11.

Savvy seven: Demetrius Frye, 5-8, G; Mike Kessler, 6-3, C; Naje Benton,

5-11, G; Ryan Boyd, 5-11, G; Saulis Gecas, 5-9, G; Steve Smith, 6-foot, F; Thomas Whitfield, 5-10, G.

Lauber's comment: "The program looks forward to a fast-paced and competitive season led by seniors Steve Smith, Naje Benton, and Thomas Whitfield."


Coach:Steve Lesh, 2nd year; Education: Souderton, Temple. Career: 6-10.

Last year: 6-6, 6-10.

Savvy seven: Anthony Harris, 6-1, G-F; Terrell Smith, 6-2, F; Rasheed Camp, 5-7, G; Aquill Harrington, 5-10, G; Jon McCrea, 6-foot, G; Andre Bryant, 5-9, G; Ernesto Almovador, 5-5, G.

Lesh's comment: "Young and inexperienced, but growing as a team on the court."


Coach:Jason Skovronski, 2nd year. Education: Hanover (Pa.), Misericordia. Career: 10-6.

Last year: 9-3, 10-6.

Savvy seven: Roberto Baldonado, 6-1, F; Jamie Betancourt, 6-1, G; Kendale Brisbon, 6-3, C; Michael Davis, 6-2, F; Malik Mitchum, 5-11, G; Julius VanGuine, 5-11, G; Kenneth Wearing, 6-1, F.

Skovronski's comment: "We are undersized. Need to get turnovers and play smart to be successful."


Coach:Matt Hartman, 2nd year; Education: Marple-Newtown, Saint Joseph's. Career: 5-13.

Last year: 3-10, 5-13.

Savvy seven: Shaqur Jones, 5-9, G; Ed Booker, 6-1, F; Emmanuel Armstrong, 6-2, F; Malik Jackson-Wallace, 6-foot, G; Zamir Boney, 6-foot, F; Jorge Quinones, 5-10, G; John Payne, 5-11, G.

Hartman's comment: "The Bulldogs are looking to improve."


Coach:Antoine Joseph, 1st year; Education: SJ Prep, Johns Hopkins. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 4-8, 7-14.

Savvy seven: Kevin Beaford, 5-10, G; Earl Patton-Boyd, 6-2, F; Maurice Hayward, 6-2, F; Jamir Leach, 6-1, G; Shaquan McPhaul-Barr, 6-3, F; Edward Ferebee, 5-8, G; Stanford Levy, 6-4, F.

Joseph's comment: "We are better than we were yesterday and tomorrow we will be better than we are now."


Coach:Tim Castanza, 1st year (also Univ. City, 2012). Education: Education: Saint Joseph by the Sea (N.Y.), Saint Joseph's. Career: 13-9.

Last year: 4-9, 7-15.

Savvy seven: Jameal "Stretch" Tucker, 6-6, F; Calvin Francis, 5-9, G; Shafi Meachum, 5-10, G; Mike Chau, 6-5, C; Jalen Wilder, 5-10, G; Rob Atkinson, 6-foot, F; Terrance Jernigan, 6-foot, G.

Castanza's comment: "Inexperienced, but smart and athletic. When it all clicks, we'll be fun to watch."


Coach:Kevin Floyd, 2nd year; Education: Saul, Temple. Career: 11-8.

Last year: 9-3, 11-8.

Savvy seven: Darrell Ellis, 5-10, G; Ronovan Bundy, 6-5, C; Theodore Kilgore, 5-11, G; Anthony Fagan, 5-11, G; Kevin Cooper, 5-10, G; Ahmir Kellum-Morgan, 6-1, G-F; Akinola Olabode, 6-3, F.

Floyd's comment: "A winning culture has been infused into the Lamberton student-athlete. Take heed. There is a new power in the Pub, and they reside at 75th and Woodbine."


Coach:Joe Gifford, 1st year (also Douglas, 2009-12); Education: W. Catholic, Temple. Career: 8-54.

Last year: 1-11, 1-12.

Savvy seven: Sean Harley, 6-1, F; Anthony Montgomery, 6-2, F; Angelo Maldonado, 6-2, F; Pedro Gonzalez, 6-foot, F; Victor Nevarez, 5-11, F; Montrell Gilliam, 5-10, G; Richard Kinkley, 5-8, G.

Gifford's comment: "While we do not have many big men, our senior-dominated squad has plenty of quickness."


Coach:Will Mega-Ashantee, 3rd year. Education: West Catholic, West Chester. Career: 21-15.

Last year: 11-1, 14-7.

Savvy seven: Amir Davis, 6-foot, G; Malachi Thompson, 6-3, G; Jarrod McLaurin, 6-3, F; Kamari Peel, 6-6, F; Teair Tart-Spencer, 6-3, F; Demetrious White, 5-11, G; Corey Potter, 6-4, F.

Mega-Ashantee's comment: "Our goal is to win Division D, the city and states, build boys to men and send students to college."


Coach:Eric Hooks, 3rd year (also Sayre, 2008-2009; resigned after nine games of '09 season). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 26-43.

Last year: 9-3, 13-7.

Savvy seven: Javonnta Zimmerman, 6-foot, G; Antwan James, 6-4, F-C; Richard Burton, 6-2, G-F; Darius Savage, 6-foot, G; Robert Butler, 6-6, F-C; Qadir Wilson, 6-1, G-F; Kyhleil Sweat, 6-foot, G-F.

Hooks' comment: "We have to replace four starters, but we have some very athletic players. We are optimistic about our chances."


Coach:Mike Carpenter, 2nd year. Education: Cary Vocational, Cheyney. Career: 7-14.

Last year: 3-10, 7-14.

Savvy seven: Charles Peck, 5-8, G; Aaron Seawright, 6-1, G-F; Robert Moore, 6-3, F-C; Darius Moore 5-8, G-F; Ichywond Savage, 6-1, F-C; Tyreek Wright, 5-9, G; Marvin Bell, 5-8, G.

Carpenter's comment: "Our motto is respect, loyalty, commitment and hard work. Hard work equals success and we will be just fine."



Coach:Cliff Breese, 1st year; Education: South Brunswick (NJ), UMass Amherst. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 1-11, 2-11.

Savvy seven: Syr Munoz, 5-11, G; William Madden, 6-3, G; Nicholas Tuller, 6-2, F; Andre Mejia, 6-2, F; Zach Singer, 6-3, F; Isaiah Riddick, 5-10, G; Deion Hammond, 6-5, F.

Breese's comment: "A proud program built around hard work and dedication."


Coach:Mike Gardner, 3rd year (also Center City Academy, 2003). Education: Washington Union (Fresno, Calif.), Temple. Career: 16-41; 10-32 at Carroll.

Last year: 1-11, 3-18.

Savvy seven: Jamier Cross, 6-foot, G; Josue Falu, 6-1, G-F; Jerome Blume, 6-4, F; Johnny Richardson, 6-foot, G; Tylor Colville, 6-2, F; Dymier Redmond, 6-foot, G; Stefan Garvin, 5-10, G.

Gardner's comment: "Trying to make our first-ever playoff appearance."


Coach:John Dunphy, 8th year. Education: West Catholic, Temple. Career: 6-108.

Last year: 0-12, 0-16.

Savvy seven: Sahar Coleman, 6-1, G; Khalifah Brawley, 6-foot, G; Charles Ganges, 5-10, G; Najee Parker, 6-3, F; Marcus Bryant, 6-2, F; Rodney Taliver, 6-1, G; Jackson Presant, 5-11, G.

Dunphy's comment: "Expecting strong leadership from our seniors. Looking to run."


Coach:Howard Waxman, 2nd year; Education: Plymouth-Whitemarsh, East Stroudsburg. Career: 7-7.

Last year: 7-5, 7-7.

Savvy seven: Ikeal Johnson, 6-2, G; Antonio Feria, 5-11, G; Blair Boone, 6-foot, G; Two Osis, 6-1, F; Robert Redmond, 6-3, F; Davon Perry, 6-3, F; Samir Jones, 5-10, G.

Waxman's comment: "We look forward to being recognized as a team that will dive for balls and deny passes for four quarters. We pride ourselves on being fundamental and disciplined."


Coach:Henry Hunt, 2nd year. Education: Ryan, West Chester. Career: 5-7.

Last year: 5-7, 5-7.

Savvy seven: Dominick Morales, 6-2, F; Adrian "Juice" Elliott, 6-2, F; Tahir Bey-Combs, 6-1, F; Nick Miles, 5-10, G; Kameron Gilfillian, 5-11, G; Chancy Scott, 6-3, C; Ronald Thomas, 5-9, G.

Hunt's comment: "This is a young, athletic team that will get better each game."


Coach:Art Kratchman, 26th year (23nd in PL; missed first two games of '10 on medical leave). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 132-428; 118-405 in PL.

Last year: 7-5, 11-11.

Savvy seven: Tobias Stokes, 5-10, G; Jeff Williford, 5-11, G; Mikail "Meek" Wilson, 6-6, C; David Ford, 6-foot, F; Dwayne Gray, 6-foot, F; Joe Brinkman, 6-foot, F; Harnaik Sembhi, 6-1, F.

Kratchman's comment: "They have been together for a few years. We played pretty well down the stretch last year. We'll see."


Coach:James Washington, 3rd year; Education: Roxborough, Springfield College. Career: 12-10; as PL member.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Anthony Baskerville, 6-1, F; William Coleman, 6-1, F; Davonte Cooper, 5-10, G-F; Aaron Hrubosky, 6-2, F-C; Matthew Murphy, 6-1, G-F; Wendell Vann, 6-4, F-C; Ronald Wilson, 6-2, F.

Washington's comment: "I'm extremely excited and optimistic about being in the Public League. However, my players must follow the game plan if we want to have a successful season."


Coach:Al Greene, 6th year. Education: Milton Hershey, Pitt. Career: 54-45.

Last year: 10-2, 16-7.

Savvy seven: Rex Wheeler, 6-foot, G; John Feiffe, 6-3, G-F; Tyquil McFadden, 6-2, G; Jirveese Thomas, 6-3, F; Khalil Moore, 6-4, F-C; Mike McCracken, 6-4, C; Devin Bullock, 5-10, G.

Greene's comment: "I expect great guard play. Our bigs have improved. If we can play tough defense and limit turnovers we should be right in the hunt."


Coach:Walt Stepnowski, 1st year; Education: North Catholic, Penn State. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-9, 3-10.

Savvy seven: Ahanri Briggs, 5-9, G; Jhabarr Justice, 6-1, F; Daequan Cobb, 6-2, F; Jerron Lawrence, 6-foot, F; Justin Davis, 5-11, G-F; Karlan Browne, 5-11, G; Muhammad Conteh, 6-foot, C.

Stepnowski's comment: "We should have a good season since many starters returned."


Coach:Pete Canale, 5th year. Education: Radnor, West Chester. Career: 29-37.

Last year: 8-4, 10-10.

Savvy seven: Henry Johnson, 5-10, G; Malik Hashim, 5-10, G; Steffon Henry, 5-10, G; Jeff Allen, 6-foot, G-F; John Herndon, 5-9, G; Nicholas Rouse, 6-6, F-C; Stephon Sessoms, 6-1, F.

Canale's comment: "All basketball players' souls are immortal, but the souls of those who play defense are immortal and divine."


Coach:David Brown, 2nd year (also PAC, 2009-10). Education: Gov. Mifflin (Pa.), East Stroudsburg. Career: 23-32.

Last year: 8-4, 10-7.

Savvy seven: Elijah Crandall, 5-9, G; Jamiel Hines, 5-10, G; ; Dawud Muhammad, 6-foot, F; Joe Flynn, 6-foot, F; Khalil Laws, 5-9, G; Muhammed Laws, 6-3, C; Connor McMonagle 6-foot, F.

Brown's comment: "Young, hardworking team. Focused on defense and rebounding."


Coach:Matt Kay, 5th year. Education: Saul, West Chester. Career: 16-53.

Last year: 5-7, 6-14.

Savvy seven: Jakobi Martin-Howard, 5-10, G; Sterling Perry, 5-10, G; True Black, 6-2, F; Raekwon Smith, 6-3, F; Roger Bracy, 6-foot, F; Andrew Chalfen, 5-8, G; Ibn-Haneef Nelsen, 5-10, G.

Kay's comment: "SLA is a young, hardworking, defensive team looking to build a winning culture."


Coach: William McKant III, 1st year; Education: McDevitt, Lincoln. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-9, 5-11.

Savvy seven: Basheer Hairston, 5-10, F; Jaquan Hayward, 5-7, G; Aasim Campbell, 5-8, G; Kendall Watson, 5-3, G; Javier Vallejo, 6-1, F; Darrell Robinson, 6-3, F-C; Eric Johnson, 6-2, F-C.

McKant's comment: "Everyone must be a family and work together for one common goal. That goal is to win! Douglas is ready!"


Coach: Lynn Greer Sr., 4th year; Education: Edison, Virginia State. Career: 15-42.

Last year: 3-9, 3-14.

Savvy seven: Sahlil Harris, 6-foot, G-F; Joseph Walker, 6-4, G-F; Glen Hampton, 5-8, G; Dominic Daniels, 5-6, G; Jakwon McQueen, 6-4, F-C; Samad Drayton, 6-2, F; Tyron Price, 5-4, G.

Greer's comment: "Taller team compared to last year but steady or consistent scoring will be a major problem. Core players are willing to work hard on defense and are eager to do well."